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Consolidated List of "Bargain Bin" Spells for Artificers
As an artificer, you get spells/gp, rather than spells/day. Here are a few ways to stretch your gp and craft reserve. The most obvious way to get a spell at the least cost is by choosing the lowest class level available, which often lowers the minimum caster level of your scroll or wand. This also adds more possibilities for wands, and eternal wands.

Further down, you will find spells that are much improved by using the fast spell progression of Ur-Priest, Divine Crusader, and Beholder Mage. If you need a scroll fairly early in your career, or if CL doesn't matter much, it may be worthwhile to compare costs. Ur-Priest uses the Cleric list. Beholder Mage uses the Sor/Wiz list. Divine Crusader uses domain lists. I am going to, slowly, consolidate a list of high level scrolls useful to 5-7th level casters. Excluded are spells with costly material components, focuses, or large XP expenditures; spells that are very CL dependent; spells that still aren't worthwhile. Be aware that these are not balanced at all in lower-optimization games.

Finally, there is a section of links to sources to further stretch your budget in very high optimization games, and for TO exercises.

~I still consider this Work-In-Progress, and would like to know if I missed anything, misspelled anything, or need to adjust formatting for easy use, let me know.
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january 2015 by dicewitch
Zeroficers - A guide to making tier 0 Artificers
 Base class from the Eberron Campaign setting themed around magical gadgets, wands and scrolls, and infusing items with magical effects.  Able to enhance and build constructs.  Throughout his progression he gains most of the core magic item creation feats and can meet any spell requirement for items by making a use magic device check.  He does not cast spells but has infussions spontaniously picked from a small list, many of which mimmic spells.  The ability to craft wands and scrolls from any spell list, then cast them gives the artificer ultimate versatility, then apply metamagic feats gives him ultimate power.
   Medium Base Attack Bonus
   Good will save
   Medium armor and shields and the ability to cast in them
   Fast progression to 3th level infusions, then slow to 6th.  
   Intelegence based spontanious casting from a list of spells that, like shape-change, simply open doors to other possibilities(any armor, any magic weapon ability, any spell).  Most of his infussions are overshadowed by a few shining stars, and often have the drawback of needing minutes to cast, almost requiring preperation, without the eberron specific mechanic of Action points
Is an Artificer right for me?
   Why to play an artificer
      If you want all spells at your fingertips and access to spells faster than the full casters themselves,
      Never need to visit the store and see if they have that really cool thing you heard about, you just make it,
      If you want to get 2-3 times more stuff that the Wealth By Level would dictate,
      If you want the feel of the geeky gadgety MacGyver that has magic items clicking whizzing and otherwise humming about his person,
      If you want to be able to claim any tier from the lowely tier 5 to the godly tier 0 where wizards and codzilla sit envious of your power,
      If you want to be able to be a buffificer, meleeficer, golemficer... all in 1 build
      Then the Zeroficer is the build for you.
artificer  eberron  optimization  3.5  dnd 
january 2015 by dicewitch
The Unofficial Artificer Player's Guide 3.0
The Artificer is a 20 level base class, just like the Wizard and the Fighter, that was introduced by the Eberron Campaign Setting. Artificers, while not being spellcasters, excel at creating both temporary and permanent magical items primarily through the use of a unique ability to replace spell prerequisites in crafting with Use Magic Device checks, in order to "fake" having supplied the required spell. To facilitate their role as a magical item craftsman, the Artificer gains a number of class features and abilities that make crafting these items quicker and easier than ever before.

While the Artificer may seem straight forward and easy at the first glance, it is anything but. The ability to make and use every magical item (and by extension every magic spell) in the game makes the Artificer incredibly flexible, but it also makes the class very difficult to just pick up and play. This is only made worse by the long preparation time needed for the class to be effective. A Sorcerer picks his spells, and can fire them off whenever he wants, that’s easy. A Wizard has to choose which spells she gets, which spells she prepares for that day, and when to cast each of her prepared spells, that’s harder. The Artificer has to spend days, weeks, even months crafting the scrolls, wands, and weapons they will use. And while they can always use their Infusions (more on that later), the fastest casting time for them is a full round action, with many having casting times of a minute or more (and who can afford to spend 10 rounds trying to prepare when the fight is already under way?). Where the wizard can pick their prepared spells on the fly, many times the Artificer has to know a fight is coming and spend several minutes preparing themselves, putting them at a severe disadvantage in ambush situations.
artificer  optimization  3.5  dnd 
january 2015 by dicewitch

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