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Germany Is Still Obsessed With Cash
The national disdain for plastic has become a proxy for profound concerns about trust, privacy and the role of the state.
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34 minutes ago by mikael
Dynamic Bézier Curves
By Josh W. Comeau - May 23, 2018
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yesterday by mycotn
Trump Only Has One Scandal - The Atlantic
There Is Only One Trump Scandal

Carlos Barria / Reuters The sheer volume of Trump scandals can seem difficult to keep track of. There’s the ongoing special-counsel investigation into whether…
2 days ago by Raymond1974
'A banker, a worker and an immigrant' cookie joke is resonating with Facebook users
A banker, a worker, and an immigrant are sitting at a table with 20 cookies. The banker takes 19 cookies and warns the worker: “Watch out, the immigrant is going to take your cookie away.”’
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2 days ago by mikael

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