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Smartphones Are Killing Americans, But Nobody’s Counting
Amid a historic spike in U.S. traffic fatalities, federal data on the danger of distracted driving are getting worse.
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yesterday by mikael
Fermat's Library | Home
Fermat's Library | The Psychology of Human Misjudgment annotated/explained version.
FERMAT'S LIBRARY Librarian Store Help us pay for server costs by donating below Donate Bitcoin: Donate Ethereum: Donate Litecoin:
yesterday by Raymond1974
Apache Kafka and the rise of the streaming platform - O'Reilly Media
Apache Kafka and the rise of the streaming platform
Software Architecture Follow this topic Follow this topic Neha Narkhede explains why Kafka has become the central nervous system for modern digital businesses.…
yesterday by Raymond1974
How to write a short bio that's not awful (Ask Dr. Wobs) - without bullshit
How to write a short bio that's not awful (Ask Dr. Wobs) - without bullshit
Everybody needs a short bio, whether its at the top of your LinkedIn page or on the bookflap of your first book. But it’s hard to write about yourself…
2 days ago by Raymond1974
How to use React Lifecycle Methods » Andreas Reiterer
React lifecycle methods can be confusing if you don’t know which one to use for your particular use case. Today I’m going to show you, which lifecycle methods exist, and how to use them correctly.
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2 days ago by skinna123

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