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Augment Reality with Xamarin and iOS 11
One of the showcase features of iOS 11 is ARKit, an augmented-reality mode available on devices powered by A9 and newer chips (basically, 6S and better iPhones, 2017 iPads, and iPad Pros). With ARKit, users hold up the device and view a composite of the video feed and computer-generated imagery (either 2D SpriteKit or 3D SceneKit) that appears “attached” to horizontal surfaces in the real world.
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yesterday by vancura
Get Ready to Launch Your ARKit App on iOS11
Today Apple announced that iOS 11 will launch on September 19, and with it the official release version of the ARKit framework. Soon developers will be able to publish Unity ARKit apps to the App Store, unlocking hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

Since the original announcement of ARKit at WWDC and the launch of our Unity ARKit plugin back in June, we’ve seen an incredible response from the community. We have worked side-by-side with developers, listening and making constant improvements to our plugin based on their feedback. We have been inspired by the apps and experiences that you have started to create. In fact, some apps made with Unity were shown at the Apple Event today, such as Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade by Pixel Toys, an action-packed sci-fi game rendered in the real world.
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yesterday by vancura
Why is ARKit better than the alternatives?
Apple’s announcement of ARKit at the recent WWDC has had a huge impact on the Augmented Reality eco-system. Developers are finding that for the first time a robust and (with IOS11) widely available AR SDK “just works” for their apps. There’s no need to fiddle around with markers or initialization or depth cameras or proprietary creation tools. Unsurprisingly this has led to a boom in demos (follow @madewitharkit on twitter for the latest). However most developers don’t know how ARKit works, or why it works better than other SDKs. Looking “under the hood” of ARKit will help us understand the limits of ARKit today, what is still needed & why, and help predict when similar capabilities will be available on Android and Head Mount Displays (either VR or AR).
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yesterday by vancura
Freeform geometrics paying homage to Mark Lottor's Cubatron Core at the Exploratorium
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7 days ago by LowellRobi
Playing around with the idea of AR succulents or possibly Super Mario Neighborhood.
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10 days ago by LowellRobi
LEGO announces new based Studio app to blend virtual and physical play with LEGOs
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10 days ago by gluecode

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