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Abhishek Singh on Twitter
I reenacted a famous scene from 'The Ring' to bring #horror movies to life in AR
#madewithunity #ARKit
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yesterday by aarontay
RT : Spring update features are made available to Unity developers with the ARKit plugin 1.5:…
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6 days ago by schraeds
I made this app that lets you view models with and . 😍🔥🤯🤩 source is a while…
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18 days ago by oliver.turner
Magic Sudoku
I want this but for counting dominos.
arkit  sudoku 
24 days ago by jefftriplett
image detection 1st try: success! As said, great feature for museums. Now I need content for 2300 pai…
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25 days ago by stevetyler75
New in iOS 11.3 - vertical & irregularly shaped surfaces with
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29 days ago by jaxzin

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