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Design Manifestos: Rahul Mehrotra of RMA Architects
As an undergraduate, I studied an architect called Claude Batley who was a British architect who worked and settled in Mumbai. He worked there from the late 1920s to mid 1950s. I was completely fascinated and inspired by the fact that he not only headed the school of architecture in Mumbai, but that he had a practice, did a lot of research and I found that combination fascinating. That had become an ideal for me. There were other architects who I admired for particular works they did, like their writing. But in Claude Batley I saw a combination of these many facets in a completely humble way. I’m saying this clearly in retrospect but at that point it was just an inspiration; it wasn’t so well articulated in my mind. I came to study and do my Masters in the US and now that I look back at the last 25 years of my own profession, I can see the influence that he had because I’m doing similar things. I’m teaching, doing research and writing, and I have a practice. I find that combination had been something that appealed to me a great deal perhaps when I was doing my dissertation as someone in his late twenties!
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Part 1: The Best Way to Select a Proxy Architecture for Microservices Application Delivery - The New Stack
When delving into microsrvices, pick the proxy and application delivery controller that is right for you.
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Avoid rewriting a legacy system from scratch, by strangling it — Understand Legacy Code
Avoid rewriting a legacy system from scratch, by strangling it
As we speak about legacy projects, it’s common to reach a point where there’s so much technical debt that you can’t implement new features anymore.
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