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ArchUnit - Unit test your Java architecture
A free, simple and extensible library for checking the architecture of your Java code using any plain Java unit test framework. That is, ArchUnit can check dependencies between packages and classes, layers and slices, check for cyclic dependencies and more. It does so by analyzing given Java bytecode, importing all classes into a Java code structure.
Java  testing  architecture  opensource 
15 hours ago by liqweed
Bijlmer, City of the Future, Part 1, 99% Invisible
a team headed by an architect named Siegfried Nassuth

Pruitt Igoe in St Louis, had also been an experiment in the modernist principles of CIAM
99percentinvisible  architecture  cities  history  modernism  urbanism 
20 hours ago by pierredv
Centrifuge: a reliable system for delivering billions of events per day
Segment is the analytics API you've always wanted. It's the easiest way to install all of your favorite analytics tools at once!
architecture  kafka  back-pressure  blog-material 
21 hours ago by lenciel
Command-line Tools can be 235x Faster than your Hadoop Cluster
As I was browsing the web and catching up on some sites I visit periodically, I found a cool article from Tom Hayden about using Amazon Elastic Map Reduce (EMR) and mrjob in order to compute some statistics on win/loss ratios for chess games he downloaded from the millionbase archive, and generally have fun with EMR. Since the data volume was only about 1.75GB containing around 2 million chess games, I was skeptical of using Hadoop for the task, but I can understand his goal of learning and having fun with mrjob and EMR. Since the problem is basically just to look at the result lines of each file and aggregate the different results, it seems ideally suited to stream processing with shell commands. I tried this out, and for the same amount of data I was able to use my laptop to get the results in about 12 seconds (processing speed of about 270MB/sec), while the Hadoop processing took about 26 minutes (processing speed of about 1.14MB/sec).
23 hours ago by JohnDeHope3
Software Complexity Is Killing Us
Since the dawn of time (before software, there was only darkness), there has been one constant: businesses want to build software cheaper and faster. It is certainly an understandable and laudable goal – especially if you’ve spent any time around software developers. It is a goal that every engineer should support wholeheartedly, and we should always strive to create things as efficiently as possible, given the constraints of our situation.
23 hours ago by JohnDeHope3
awesome-scalability - High Scalability, High Availability, High Stability, High Performance, and High Intelligence Back-End Design Patterns
High Scalability, High Availability, High Stability, High Performance, and High Intelligence Back-end Designs
An updated and curated list of selected readings to illustrate best practices in building High Scalability, High Availability, High Stability, High Performance, and High Intelligence back-end systems. Concepts are explained in the articles of prominent engineers and credible references. Case studies are taken from battle-tested systems that serve millions to billions of users.
architecture  clustering  big-data  performance  curated  list  community 
23 hours ago by liqweed

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