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Event Report - SAP TechEd 2018 - Las Vegas -
"SAP is making substantial progress with SAP CP. With the commitment of getting the “5 sisters” (Ariba, Concur, Fieldglass, Hybris and SuccessFactors) platformed on SAP CP there is a much clearer platform strategy going forward. SAP has bet on CloudFoundry and CloudFoundry has won the PaaS market (for now). At the same time Kubernetes is for the first time giving CxOs cross IaaS portability and it’s good to see SAP supporting that with Gardener. FaaS is early days in general, especially for cross IaaS FaaS, where the IaaS vendors all try to create lock-in. But CxOs don’t want lock-in – neither does SAP – so SAP has an important role to play and may have to use its muscle to build a cross IaaS FaaS standard (dangling all the on-premise load that SAP commands will make all top 3 IaaS vendors pay attention). For CxOs this means SAP CP has delivered another proof point to be the PaaS of choice when building net gen Apps in the SAP ecosystem."
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2 hours ago by jonerp
Spect: Simple Image Management on the Mac
Fast image browser & organizer. No EXIF support yet, sadly.
MacOS  apps 
7 hours ago by zool
Pocket - An App for Reading and Bookmarking
Pocket is a service for web and mobile devices which you can use to bookmark, store, and read web-based articles. Basic use is free!
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8 hours ago by jcmadams
*treebetty :: Simple Apps For a Measured Life
Lovely iOS apps for managing mood, habits, stuff, to-do. list, gratitude etc
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13 hours ago by kOoLiNuS
How smartphone apps track users and share data
A peer-reviewed study of almost 1m Android apps has revealed how data from smartphones are harvested and shared, with nearly 90 per cent of apps set up to transfer information back to Google.
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15 hours ago by corrickwales

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