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Turkey's Syrian refugees carve out their own opportunities | Turkey | Al Jazeera
Inspiring examples of how #Syrian #refugees are starting businesses in #Turkey: they launched 6,000 businesses and invested over $300 million in Turkey as of 2017 ^cr
syria  refugee  2million  turkey  entrepreneur  example  school  translation  mobile  application  economy  impact 
4 hours ago by csrollyson
LimitlessVPN Limited Beta Access | The Only FREE Truly Unlimited VPN Service
We believe that we the people deserve our privacy, and digital rights. That's why we built LimitlessVPN to be forever FREE for everyone across the world.
vpn  free  technology  application 
2 days ago by pivic
LukeW | Designing for Large Screen Smartphones
LukeW Ideation + Design provides resources for mobile and Web product design and strategy including presentations, workshops, articles, books and more on usability, interaction design and visual design.
application  design  device  interface  interaction  fingers  reach 
2 days ago by vloux
Jasper - A flexible and powerful issue reader for GitHub
You will be able to read, track and discover many active issues very flexibly by using Jasper in GitHub.
application  git  github 
3 days ago by gzfrancisco
The Possibilities of AI and Machine Learning for Cybersecurity
"While the experts are ready to consider Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the future of cybersecurity, it is essential to evaluate the promises against challenges posed by AI to become a key element in the scheme of things for internet security. Let’s admit here that in spite of all the advantages, AI offers considerable security threats for cyber systems as well."
application  security  machine  learning  contributed 
3 days ago by jonerp

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