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AppleScript and JavaScript for Automation to get frontmost tab’s url and title of various browsers.
This page pretty much has the motherlode for AppleScript and JXA for getting the current URL and page title in Safari, Safari Technical Preview, Chrome, and even Opera.
applescript  jxa  javascript  mac  macos  osx  gist  canonical  safari  chrome  keyboardmaestro  2019 
18 days ago by handcoding
Setup OS X Folder Actions to Know When a File is Added
OS X's Folder Actions utility allows AppleScripts to be executed when a folder event occurs. This example notifies you when an item is added.
script  folder-action  applescript  guide  setup 
25 days ago by markav
Evernote Import Folder
Evernote Import Folder that tags files into Evernote with only a few keystrokes. Excellent for scanning paper documents, using Evernote as a "Cloud Drive”
evernote  folder-action  applescript  script  veritrope  mac 
25 days ago by markav

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