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Made With ARKit
Collection of ARKit builds from people before iOS11 is released.
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20 hours ago by 72interactive
Everything wrong with Apple’s ‘Planet of the Apps’ - YouTube
Dubious ethics, terrible advice, heavy-handed branding, and the sense that no one knows what the hell they’re doing — here is a comprehensive guide to Apple's Planet of the Apps, available exclusively through Apple Music.
yesterday by MattieTK
Apple Music’s New ‘My Chill Mix’ – MacStories
Another great addition to Apple Music. I don't have it yet, but hopefully I get it soon, because I'm already a big fan of the "My Favourites Mix".
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yesterday by chrishannah
I find Apple's iPhoto not safe, so I switch to GraphicConverter and then Picasa.
I find Apple's iPhoto not safe, so I switch to GraphicConverter and then Picasa. -==- iPhoto is a program that sucks in your photos and puts them in an undocumented internal format that can change from year to year. Hopefully, they will always upgrade their past layouts, and hopefully, you'll be able to import and export other libraries.
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yesterday by jchris

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