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Apple’s release of of T2-equipped MacBook Pros in July 2018 which also could not use NetBoot has made Apple’s direction clear. […] For Mac admins using NetBoot-based workflows to set up their Macs, what are the alternatives?
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1 hour ago by nicoladagostino
Six Colors: Apple, technology, and other stuff from Jason Snell and Friends
Tech news blog from Jason Snell. Clean design and well thought out content.
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15 hours ago by andrewlinke
General Magic: Oral History of the Influential Tech Company
"Oral history" seems to mean "interviews broken into tiny snippets to give the impression of a conversation" but this excerpt of a book is still good. I remember that interface from an early Wired article.
apple  generalmagic  siliconvalley  history  oralhistories  adamfisher 
yesterday by philgyford
Motorola phone 'brazen copy' of iPhone X - BBC News
Motorola’s new P30 Android smartphone looks like an almost exact copy of Apple’s iPhone X.
iphone  #tw  design  android  apple  motorola 
yesterday by nrturner
Berührungsloser Lichtschalter | Mac & i | Heise Select
Der Hue Be­we­gungs­mel­der be­sitzt einen py­ro­elek­tri­schen Sen­sor (PIR) und er­fasst in einem Win­kel von 100 Grad Be­we­gun­gen auf eine Dis­tanz von etwa 5 Me­tern. Eine klei­ne LED in der Front leuch­tet dann kurz auf. Die Emp­find­lich­keit lässt sich in drei Stu­fen re­geln. Der PIR er­fasst die Hel­lig­keit in Lux und die Raum­tem­pe­ra­tur. Die Werte kann man ent­we­der in App­les Home-App ein­se­hen oder per Siri er­fra­gen, etwa durch „Hey Siri, wie warm ist es im Flur?“ Für die Ho­me­Kit-Au­to­ma­ti­on lässt sich nur die Be­we­
Christian  Badezimmer-Beschallung  ESP32  PIR  Helligkeit/Lux_erfassen  Philips-Hue  Philips-Hue-Bridge  ZigBee  wireless  Apple  Embedded_Systems  HomeKit 
yesterday by snearch
TipBITS: Make iMovie Output Full-Resolution Video - TidBITS
Now that I’ve gotten iMovie exporting my screen recording as 4K, when I create a new iMovie project and add the screen recording to it as the only clip, iMovie lets me export in 4K, as opposed to the 720p limit I initially saw—no seeding clip necessary.
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yesterday by foliovision

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