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A distraction-free Markdown editor for the desktop
markdown  editor  app  windows  linux 
4 minutes ago by e2b
Reduce up to 30% on feed costs and increase profits with the FeedCalculator smartphone app! Livestock farmers spend 70% of their total budget on animal feed. FeedCalculator learns farmers to compose quality feed from local resources, lowering feed costs with one third.
kenya  agriculture  optimization  app  innovation  netherlands  livestock  farm  local 
3 hours ago by pgorrindo
Microsoft Office Lens
Trims, enhances, deskews and makes pictures of whiteboards and documents readable, then converting them to a searchable PDF, Word (.docx) or PowerPoint (.pptx) format.
scanners  paperless  iPhone  app 
11 hours ago by amoore
glushchenko/fsnotes: File system notes manager (lightweight notational velocity reinvention)
fsnotes - File system notes manager (lightweight notational velocity reinvention)
mac  app  notes  organization  nvalt  opensource 
15 hours ago by e2b

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