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Announcing Apollo Server 2 – Apollo GraphQL
Announcing Apollo Server 2
Simplifying API development with production best practices
As we watch teams adopt Apollo, one lesson we’ve learned is how important it is for product engineering teams that use GraphQL to be able to work on their schema as a natural part of their development process. So we think it’s vital that there be a full-featured GraphQL layer in JavaScript with all the latest GraphQL innovations and techniques, all wired up with the machinery and tooling that makes it a complete solution.
apollo  apolloserver  webdev  graphql  server  API 
2 days ago by tamouse
Akryum/vue-cli-plugin-apollo: vue-cli 3.x plugin for Apollo and GraphQL
a vue cli 3 apollo plugin - very good looking plugin for adding both a server and a client, and supports web socket subscriptions, and more!
graphiql  apollo 
14 days ago by ElliotPsyIT
Testing GraphQL Container Components with React Apollo and Jest
Our team is in the middle of adopting React + GraphQL using React Apollo. One of the things we were excited about was the promise that writing unit tests with React Apollo would be easy. While React…
graphql  apollo  react 
17 days ago by piesrtasty

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