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डर और घबराहट महसूस हो जाये तो ये दुआ पढे | Powerful Dua to Remove Fear, Nervousness, and Anxiety
If you are looking for Dua to remove fear, nervousness, and anxiety then this video is for you. Most of the times we will fear of something bad happening and looking for peace of mind and happiness then get confused what to do. You have a very small solution for this just do this dua and Allah will inshallah remove your fear, nervousness, and anxiety.
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4 days ago by aniskhan
How to Help a Child With an Anxiety Disorder - The New York Times
Astrid checking when I'm not visible to her, to make sure I'm still in the house.

“But anxious parents of anxious children remain in fix-it mode,” he said, helping their children avoid the situations that make them anxious. Therapy involves exposing children to those situations and helping them develop strategies to manage them; with treatment, Dr. Bubrick said, parents can “let the child experience the anxiety and learn to tolerate and overcome it on their own.”
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6 days ago by emmacarlson
The land tramples with dancing: The Craft of Scholarly Writing
People who find themselves with writing blocks—which, like dogs, come in all sorts of breeds and combinations—often engage in a tremendous amount of negative self-talk (to put it politely), but, it seems to me, have trouble seeing the problem as the consequence of a writing process that used to be appropriate and no longer is. They wouldn’t have that process if it had never worked, or they wouldn’t be in graduate school or the tenure track. Faculty who cannot write that second book, or revise their dissertation into a first book, graduate students who cannot write a dissertation—all of those are people who are successful writers. They wouldn’t be in the position of people who are trying to write a dissertation or book were they not.
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7 days ago by craniac
The land tramples with dancing
I don’t want to be in a constant state of feelings like I’m drowning in undone or badly-done tasks. When I thought about what changes I’d like to make in my life—I’m quite likely at precisely middle age, after all—I realized it’s pretty clear to me what I’d like to do differently.
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7 days ago by craniac
The Art of Manliness -- Sources of Existential Angst
'...At the turn of the 20th century, French sociologist Emile Durkheim did an exhaustive survey to try to figure out what factors most influenced a country’s rate of suicide. What he discovered was that this statistic was most impacted by the presence in society of something he called anomie. -- Anomie, which literally means “without law” in German and French, was defined by Durkheim as a state of “normlessness” — the absence of shared rules, standards, values, etc. It’s a concept that well describes the landscape of modern society; for though one’s personal community may share a unified culture, the wider society shares little common code. -- While the most serious consequence of a lack of shared norms may be suicide, it also afflicts the living with a pervasive sense of restlessness and emptiness. -- There are two reasons for this. -- Norms provide a kind of gravitational force that can keep you grounded. Personal freedom without any such guideposts, standards, or expectations feels like being adrift in deep space. The weightlessness is sometimes exhilarating, but you lack any frame of reference for where you are: up and down, left and right are meaningless. -- As an existential astronaut, you are charged with the task of creating your own rules, values, and expectations — your own personal meaning for the world. Yet lending these self-created standards sufficient credence to let them guide your life — knowing their only source of authority is your own inclinations — is an insanely difficult task. -- The absence of norms not only eliminates a set pattern to build your life around, it also eliminates a barrier to push against. -- The norm-filled society not only provides existential meaning to those who conform to these shared expectations, it also provides meaning to those who reject them. There is great significance to be found in the friction of pushing back on society’s standards — in tweaking expectations, being unique, forming a secret, subversive underground culture, fighting “the man.” -- Today, however, there is little mainstream culture to rebel against. There are still a few lingering expectations, but “live and let live” generally reigns. You can get married at 20 or 40 or never, live with someone for decades and never get hitched, have 9 kids or none, within wedlock or out, wear what you want without anyone batting an eye, date someone from a different race, get a tattoo on any part of your body, marry a lady, or a dude, be a corporate warrior or a stay-at-home dad. You can pretty much do whatever you want, short of breaking the law, and endure minimal social repercussions. -- Nobody cares what you do. -- And, of course, the flip side of that is, nobody cares what you do. -- ... Even when engaging in problems that are smaller than a world war, but still constitute serious societal ills, a gap exists between how significant we want the fight to feel, and how significant it does feel. That is, we yearn to participate in some kind of epic quest, but ultimately find the underpinnings of our pursuits too flimsy to support the full weight of our longings. The stakes aren’t high enough to furnish the meaning we crave. -- As a result, we try to gin up those stakes ourselves — distorting the contemporary landscape into something more threatening, more dangerous — more compelling — than it is. Hence you get the current popularity of dystopian books and films — fiction that supposedly hews uncomfortably close to our current reality — and the belief that we’re living through an unprecedented time of tumult — even though an objective survey of the past reveals periods that were just as, and often more, chaotic and troubled. For there is a perverse pleasure in believing one is living through the worst of times — it may be troubled, sure, but it is historic. To be living through a significant time seems to make one significant by association. -- Yet this illusion still doesn’t generate sufficiently enduring meaning; like a distortion seen in a funhouse mirror, it distracts and entertains, but for a moment.' -- Why bother? Are you one of the few who are brave enough to see the truth, that existence is a cruel exercise in suffering? Do you dare speak it? Against the prevailing hope offered by all major religions, therapies, philosophies, and other groups? The world is a stage for absurd meaningless drama being played out moment to moment, day after day, often through the various forms of desire and appetite. Even if you are one of the disciplined few and are able to enter into a state of pure being by stopping the incessant voice of mind through intense physical activity, prayer or meditation you inevitably are drawn back into the unexplained circus of drama we call our universe. ~ Caterine Vauban
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9 days ago by adamcrowe
It's Never Too Late to Be a Reader Again | WIRED
It's Never Too Late to Be a Reader Again. It was a book that drove me away from books. This wasn’t a trauma of distaste, or indulgence: not a literary bad mussel, not waking up on the floor of someone's…. via Instapaper. October 13, 2018 at 04:20PM
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12 days ago by sjspires

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