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Aspects of Divinity (the world is my oyster) - kariye - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
The summer John is eighteen, he drives an ice cream truck. He hasn’t yet learned there are things he can’t do just because he wants to badly enough. Or, a fic about seeing the map of the world.  antarctica  college  backstory  p:rodney/john  f:sga 
8 days ago by miss_speller
Bombard Commando C3 Sportsboat
Inflatable dinghy used by Sip Novak on Pelagic.
sailing  inflatable  dinghy  antarctica 
11 days ago by floehopper
Celebrating Mars from ; today the Red Planet will be at its closest & brightest (57.6 million km, appare…
Antarctica  from twitter_favs
19 days ago by jmorgenstern
RT : Another view of the lunar eclipse from ; this from the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station ; eclipsed…
Antarctica  from twitter
20 days ago by amy
Glaciers in East Antarctica also imperiled by climate change, researchers find
July 2108: A team of scientists has found evidence of significant mass loss in East Antarctica’s Totten and Moscow University glaciers, which, if they fully collapsed, could add 5 meters (16.4 feet) to global sea levels.

In a new study published yesterday in Geophysical Research Letters, a journal of the American Geophysical Union, glaciologists estimate that between April 2002 and September 2016, the two glaciers lost about 18.5 billion tons of ice per year – equivalent to 0.7 millimeters (0.03 inches) of global sea level rise over the analyzed time period.
Climate_Science_study  climate_projection  Antarctica 
23 days ago by huntercutting
Mass balance of the Antarctic Ice Sheet from 1992 to 2017 | Nature
IMBIE team 2018: The Antarctic Ice Sheet is an important indicator of climate change and driver of sea-level rise. Here we combine satellite observations of its changing volume, flow and gravitational attraction with modelling of its surface mass balance to show that it lost 2,720 ± 1,390 billion tonnes of ice between 1992 and 2017, which corresponds to an increase in mean sea level of 7.6 ± 3.9 millimetres (errors are one standard deviation). Over this period, ocean-driven melting has caused rates of ice loss from West Antarctica to increase from 53 ± 29 billion to 159 ± 26 billion tonnes per year; ice-shelf collapse has increased the rate of ice loss from the Antarctic Peninsula from 7 ± 13 billion to 33 ± 16 billion tonnes per year. We find large variations in and among model estimates of surface mass balance and glacial isostatic adjustment for East Antarctica, with its average rate of mass gain over the period 1992–2017 (5 ± 46 billion tonnes per year) being the least certain.
Antarctica  SLR  Climate_Science_study 
5 weeks ago by huntercutting
What John Loves – Keira Marcos
Summary: John and Rodney meet in Antarctica for the first time.
pwp  p:rodney/john  f:sga  rating:nc-17  antarctica 
5 weeks ago by miss_speller
Intersections - Kaneko - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]

Rodney's Antarctica is a lot like Siberia in that it's full of scientists who work 16-hour days and bathe once a week (twice when they're feeling social), and who would slit your throat for a fresh banana. Also, you can't go for a walk without a survival kit, but that's fine - Rodney's never really been an outdoorsy person.  p:rodney/john  antarctica  f:sga 
6 weeks ago by miss_speller
RT : shows the nearest settlements of more than 1,000 inhabitants in . this map drives home the point wh…
Map  Antarctica  from twitter
7 weeks ago by pozorvlak
Brass Monkeys: June 2007
Including photos of the Rothera secret drinking establishment, the 90-minute club.
drink  antarctica  photos  seals  penguins 
7 weeks ago by pozorvlak

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