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RT : Centenary of the end of World War One was not forgotten in ; ship’s company stand to in th…
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The 19th Century Antarctic air molecules that could change climate models | Discover Magazine
Friends and loved ones bid adieu to members of the latest research team to begin the long trek to Antarctica this weekend. Peter Neff, a postdoctoral researcher in Earth and space sciences at the UW, is quoted.
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The White Darkness: A Journey Across Antarctica | The New Yorker
(4*) In November of 2003, he made a pilgrimage to a place that he had dreamed of visiting since he was a boy: South Georgia Island. [...] After Frank Worsley and other members of the expedition buried Shackleton, at a cemetery on the island, they found stones and built a cairn to mark the grave. [...] More than eighty years later, Henry Worsley, carrying a rucksack and a sleeping bag, pried open the cemetery gate and went inside.
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Climate change in Antarctica
National Geographic's epic written, photo, and video essay about the havoc climate change is wreaking in Antarctica.
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18 days ago by jbuzz
In Antarctica, climate change is having surprising impacts
“When I take stock of the current situation, the Antarctic Peninsula I knew as a child has already largely gone,” he says. “I do wonder a lot what it will become.”
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RT : For the first time, an A319 lands on 2m thick sea ice in front of Mario Zucchelli Station . The…
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RT : ! These emperor penguin chicks are on an icy excursion at Auster rookery in East . The…
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New High-Res map of Antarctica shows the icy continent in astonishing detail
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