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MAT: Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit
MAT is a toolbox composed of a GUI application, a CLI application and a library, to anonymize/remove metadata.
anonymity  metadata  privacy  python  tool  opensource 
yesterday by raphman
Provides protection against eavesdropping attacks and against traffic analysis on organizational networks, for instance perpetrated by rogue and coerced employees, malware, or via parking-lot attacks.
encryption  anonymity  communications  protocol  research  experimental  privacy 
13 days ago by mjlassila
experimental anonymous comms network that is trying to be traffic analysis immune, particularly near endpoints which are under local adversarial organization control (aka corp networks)
privacy  anonymity  encryption  anonymous  communications  protocol  research  software 
13 days ago by asteroza
Tutorial: Bootable and Encrypted Whonix VM on 8GB USB Stick -
This is a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to create a bootable USB stick with VirtualBox and encrypted Whonix.
If you've never used Linux before you should be able to complete the tutorial anyway, as every necessary step is mentioned.

With this system you have the portability of a persistent Tails with the additional security of Tor entry guards and virtual machines.
The tutorial also explains how to optionally tunnel Tor through a OpenVPN connection in ninja mode (cover traffic through torrents).
privacy  anonymity  tor 
4 weeks ago by whip_lash
Sarah Jamie Lewis
anonymity & privacy researcher working on projects that help people take control of their own security
privacy  anonymity  anonymization  people 
4 weeks ago by csantos
To Post or not to Post?: Anonymous user comments in the Israeli journalistic sphere: Journalism Studies: Vol 19, No 10
User comments have become an integral part of news websites. This study implements the well-validated theory of planned behavior (TPB) in order to understand the individual decision to post anonymous comments on news sites in Israel. We examine whether commenting is a spontaneous behavior, as has been argued in previous studies, or a reasoned behavior. Based on an internet survey (N = 707), the present study results support the hypothesis that the process involved in posting a comment in a specific socio-political context involves a reasoned action that can be understood by applying a generic theoretical model. Empirical support for TPB model hypotheses for intention prediction was evident, with the subjective norm-intention relation stronger than the attitude and perceived behavioral control–intention relations. In spite of the anonymous nature of the comments, findings highlight the relevance of the perceived socio-political context for individuals’ decision whether to post an anonymous comment.
Research  Comments  anonymity 
4 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Twitter’s vast metadata haul is a privacy nightmare for users | WIRED UK
“The researchers took a corpus of five million Twitter users and ran 14 pieces of metadata from their tweets (including the time the account was created, the time a tweet was published, and the number of favourites, followers and following) through three different machine learning algorithms.

“The most efficient at identifying individual accounts with the best accuracy was also one of the most basic machine learning algorithms, say the researchers. It showed that it’s possible to identify with near-precise accuracy an individual using just a handful of pieces of metadata.”
Twitter  Anonymity  MachineLearning 
6 weeks ago by cbearden

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