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'I felt exposed online': how to disappear from the internet (by Simon Parkin) | The Guardian
In a world where almost any action outside your garden shed leaves some kind of digital footprint, there is no clear path back to the realm of the unknown.
What began as a hopeful, democratic mission to make the internet free for all in the 1990s has, when fed through the late capitalist mincer, resulted in a digital economy that runs on microtransactions of identity. This information, if held by a government, would inspire widespread civil liberty marches.
internet  privacy  anonymity  facebook  google 
yesterday by killjoy
Wi-Fi Privacy Police - Apps on Google Play
Trying to keep the wifi stack from broadcasting known AP names, as a data leakage point
android  app  software  wifi  AP  accesspoint  name  block  security  privacy  anonymity 
14 days ago by asteroza
Effectiveness of Anonymization in Double-Blind Review | June 2018 | Communications of the ACM
"In a controlled experiment with two disjoint program committees, the ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining (WSDM'17) found that reviewers with author information were 1.76x more likely to recommend acceptance of papers from famous authors, and 1.67x more likely to recommend acceptance of papers from top institutions.6 A study of three years of the Evolution of Languages conference (2012, 2014, and 2016) found that, when reviewers knew author identities, review scores for papers with male-first authors were 19% higher, and for papers with female-first authors 4% lower.4 In a medical discipline, U.S. reviewers were more likely to recommend acceptance of papers from U.S.-based institutions."
peer-review  anonymity 
18 days ago by arsyed • Cryptocurrency Exchange • Simple | Fast | Anonymous
Easyrabbit provides you the easiest way to exchange between a large variety of cryptocurrencies. Simple Fast and Anonymously. No user's account needed. Secure transfers in the most user friendly way.
cryptocurrency  exchange  simple  swap  webapp  anonymity  privacy 
21 days ago by orlin
Distributed Localization: A Linear Theory - IEEE Journals & Magazine
Using linear approximations seems to work decently to calculate location using a distributed architecture. AKA using cellphones to geolocate each other rather than triangulate strictly from basestations, and using it like a graph node network so your tracking ability can reach like a tentacle into buildings and closed spaces, assuming nobody is feeding fake info...
p2p  5G  geolocation  IoT  decentralized  positioning  location  algorithm  anchorless  dynamic  privacy  security  anonymity  mapping 
22 days ago by asteroza
Facial Recognition and the Disappearing Right to Be Faceless
The global “@facebook”: cities, police, smartphones, cameras track your every move, without your consent
facebook  surveillance  global  camera  hardware  software  city  tracking  face  recognition  smartphone  ethics  anonymity  right  autonomy  2018  q2  social  media  photo  video 
4 weeks ago by csrollyson
Forbes: The Experience Of The Developed Countries — Why The EU Has Prohibited Anonymous…
The European Union aims to legitimize all the anonymous crypto-market players. Are the regulators from the other countries capable of adjusting to the needs of the digital economy or will they choose…
europe  eu  cryptocurrency  regulation  anonymity  privacy  trading  kyc  law 
5 weeks ago by orlin
Do You Take Your VPN Security Seriously? - TorrentFreak
Millions of people use a VPN service to prevent outsiders from monitoring their browsing habits or other Internet traffic. Choosing a good and reliable VPN provider is a good start, but there is more to it than that. People have a responsibility of their own and should hold their VPNs accountable.
In recent years there has been a massive boom in VPN usage, spurred on by security breaches and privacy leaks.
While prospective VPN users pay a lot of attention to the various policies VPN providers have when it comes to logging or leak protection, the user’s own responsibility is often entirely ignored.
vpn  privacy  security  anonymity 
5 weeks ago by rgl7194
World's Fastest VPN and Privacy Protection
vpn  privacy  security  proxy  tools  anonymity  free  services 
6 weeks ago by nicopunktse

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