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Fitbit Announces Accessible, Affordable Versa Lite, Inspire, Ace 2 Wearables
Fitbit has announced the availability of a line of new products, intended to increase accessibility and affordability to a larger audience. The new Fitbit Versa Lite Edition, Inspire and Inspire HR trackers, and the upcoming Fitbit Ace 2 wearables offer a greater range of options for users. As one of the world’s leading manufacturer of...

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Fitbit  Announces  Accessible  Affordable  Versa  Lite  Inspire  Ace  2  Wearables 
4 weeks ago by vrzone
Apple Announces 5th-gen iPad mini 2019 With A12 Processor, Pencil Support
Apple’s iPad mini range is the perfect ultra-portable gadget for on-the-go productivity but has not seen an update in four years. Not anymore – with the 5th gen 2019 iPad Mini, Apple has updated most aspects of this handy 7.9-inch device, while keeping its outward appearance and form factor largely similar to its predecessor. Just...

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Apple  Announces  5th-gen  iPad  mini  2019  With  A12  Processor  Pencil  Support 
4 weeks ago by vrzone
Sony Announces a6400 Mirrorless Camera with Real-Time Eye AF
Sony had launched the a6400, a 24.2-megapixel mirrorless camera that boasts the world’s fastest autofocus acquisition speed, real-time eye AF and 11 fps continuous shooting with mechanical shutter (8 fps silent shutter with full tracking). With high-speed shooting combined with AF/AE tracking, the a6400 offers great flexibility with 425 phase-detection and contrast-detection AF points that...

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Sony  Announces  a6400  Mirrorless  Camera  with  Real-Time  Eye  AF 
6 weeks ago by vrzone
Sony Announces S$199 WH-XB700 Extra Bass Headphones
Sony has announced the availability of the WH-XB700 headphones from April 2019 at selected Sony Stores, Sony Centres and authorised dealers. The WH-XB700 brings on board the best features from Sony’s Extra Bass line of audio devices, while improving on vocal clarity and adding voice assistant support for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for a...

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Sony  Announces  S$199  WH-XB700  Extra  Bass  Headphones 
6 weeks ago by vrzone
Bang & Olufsen Announces Beoplay E8 2.0 Wireless Charging True Wireless Earphones
Bang & Olufsen, a Danish luxury consumer electronics that focuses on audio-visual devices, has announced an update to its popular true-wireless earphones, the Beoplay E8 2.0. It retails in Singapore at SGD 550. With improvements to form and function, the E8 2.0 improves on the 12 hours of battery life offered by its predecessor with...

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Bang  &  Olufsen  Announces  Beoplay  E8  2.0  Wireless  Charging  True  Earphones 
7 weeks ago by vrzone

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