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Abstract for An Investigation of Practical Approximate Nearest Neighbor Algorithms - Semantic Scholar
This paper concerns approximate nearest neighbor searching algorithms, which have become increasingly important, especially in high dimensional perception areas such as computer vision, with dozens of publications in recent years. Much of this enthusiasm is due to a successful new approximate nearest neighbor approach called Locality Sensitive Hashing (LSH). In this paper we ask the question: can earlier spatial data structure approaches to exact nearest neighbor, such as metric trees, be altered to provide approximate answers to proximity queries and if so, how? We introduce a new kind of metric tree that allows overlap: certain datapoints may appear in both the children of a parent. We also introduce new approximate k-NN search algorithms on this structure. We show why these structures should be able to exploit the same randomprojection-based approximations that LSH enjoys, but with a simpler algorithm and perhaps with greater efficiency. We then provide a detailed empirical evaluation on five large, high dimensional datasets which show up to 31-fold accelerations over LSH. This result holds true throughout the spectrum of approximation levels.
ANN  LSH  random-projection  metric  tree 
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Vectors in Search – Towards More Semantic Matching - Simon Hughes, Di…
Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search • Faster than full k-NN, with some loss in accuracy • Approaches can be either: • Data Dependent • Learns and adjusts from the data • Makes indexing new documents hard • Data Independent • Some Approaches: • KD Tree • LSH • Heuristic Methods • K-Means Tree • Randomized KD Forest • Paper: • HNSW (Hierarchical Navigable Small World Graphs – Top on • Paper: • Vector Thresholding • Choice of similarity metric is important in choosing an algorithm
ANN  vectors  search 
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The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Recurrent Neural Networks
Amazing article showing the generation of new things from trained RNNs. Includes one of my favourite examples.- machine generated Shakespeare.
rnn  recurrentneuralnetwork  ann  artificialneuralnetwork  ai  machinelearning  deeplearning 
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