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Birds of Southeast Asia ~ at Ecology Asia
Large photos with descriptions.

Ecology Asia | | retr 15 aug 2018
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yesterday by tometaxu
Animals ~ at Ecology Asia
Different categories of mammals w/different urls.
Large photos with descriptions.

Ecology Asia | | retr 15 aug 2018
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Snakes of Southeast Asia ~ at Ecology Asia
Large photos with descriptions.

Ecology Asia | | retr 15 aug 2018
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Common Snakes Frequently Found in Thailand
A selection of common (frequently found) snakes in Thailand.
Free PDF ebook of common Thailand snakes.

-- Vern
ThailandSnakes | | retr 15 aug 2018
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yesterday by tometaxu
Mourning And Instagramming The Death Of A Pet
Photographer Preston Gannaway posted photos of her cat for 100 days on Instagram to grieve after she died. The series shows the relationship between photography and memory.
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3 days ago by Anne
Why Small Dogs Go Above and Beyond to Mark Their Territory | Smart News | Smithsonian
"..smaller dogs peed at proportionately higher angles than big dogs, going out of their way to leave marks at these higher levels. Small males seemed to make an extra effort to raise their leg high—some small males would almost topple over..."
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3 days ago by corrales
Traffic Noise Makes Caterpillars' Hearts Beat Faster - Scientific American
This desensitization could be problematic when the caterpillars become adults, Davis says. A rapid stress response is vital for monarch butterflies on their two-month journey to spend winters in Mexico, as they narrowly escape predators and fight wind currents. “What I think is happening [on roadsides] is their stress reactions get overwhelmed when they're larvae and [could be] impaired when they travel to Mexico,” Davis says.
3 days ago by JohnDrake Canuck and I
Meet Canuck – a wild crow who formed an unlikely bond with his human friend, Shawn. The mischievous crow has captured the hearts of Vancouverites and garnered global attention through his antics.
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4 days ago by mikael
Whale Fossils Reveal Bizarre Evolution, Amazing Adaptations
"Pakicetus fits into the bestiary of these early whales that are experimenting with various ecological modes. It may have looked more like a dog or a wolf—others looked more like otters or sea lions—but all these variations ended extinct. Those branches begat nothing, but there was one that did beget the whales we have today, and those were the ones that went fully aquatic, divorcing themselves from the land. That one branch then radiated into the 80-odd species of cetaceans we see today. Not just the big ones. Dolphins and porpoises all descend from that ancestral whale that went back to the water full time."
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6 days ago by robertogreco

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