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Why Meat is the Best Worst Thing in the World
For hunter gatherers living 10,000 years ago, domesticating plants and animals converted spare land and vegetation humans couldn’t eat into caloric energy, creating a surplus & stability that led to more trade possibilities and capabilities for human groups. But as the world’s population speeds past 7.4 billion, land and water use has become more and more constricted. The production of meat and dairy is inefficient, so that’s created a lot of problems and shortcuts: factory farming, huge land & resource use, oversized contribution to climate change. In this video, Kurzgesagt examines the cons (and pros) of meat and dairy consumption:
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RT : Mom got me a nice lush bath and clearly I loved it! ❤️
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Why Count All the Squirrels in Central Park? Why the Heck Not
"'There’s not a lot of squirrel data out there,' Mr. Allen, 49, said. 'So the first step is collecting the squirrel data. You start to see patterns in behavior, and then you can use the data for any research you’re working on.'"
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