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EquatIO Math Writing Software. A Digital Math Tool For Teachers & Students Of All Abilities | Texthelp
"easily add equations, formulas, graphs and more to g suite for education apps and microsoft word"

"We’ve made math digital
Made to help mathematics and STEM teachers and students at all levels, EquatIO® lets everyone create mathematical equations, formulas, Desmos graphs, and more on their computer or Chromebook.

Input’s easy. Type, handwrite, or dictate any expression, with no tricky coding or math languages to master. There’s a huge library of ready-made expressions to save you time, from simple formulas to complex functions. And when you’re done, just add the math to your document with a click."
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Flutter 社区中文资源
Flutter 是 Google 用以帮助开发者在 iOS 和 Android 两个平台开发高质量原生 UI 的移动 SDK。Flutter 兼容现有的代码,免费且开源,在全球开发者中广泛被使用。
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RT : RTs appreciated! I’ve been working with the GeckoView team to switch for to ’s engin…
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yesterday by larissas
Dissembler is a subtle puzzle game about unraveling bold abstract designs one color at a time
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MyFonts: Fonts for Print, Products & Screens
We’ve completely reinvented the WhatTheFont experience! The new and improved WhatTheFont mobile app is more than just a duplicate of the WhatTheFont that you use on desktop – it’s a completely redesigned and streamlined way to identify fonts. Just take a photo and tap the font you want to identify – WhatTheFont will immediately show you the results, nothing else required!
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yesterday by segfault

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