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VIMpay - so wird bezahlt. Eine App. Jede Bank. » VIMpay
Starte mit VIMpay Deine Reise in eine bargeldlose Welt. 💸 🌍 Hol Dir die kostenlose VIMpay App für iOS oder Android und registriere Dich kostenlos.
ios  android  payment 
37 minutes ago by e2b
Die App bei Migräne & Kopfschmerz | Migräne-App M-sense
M-sense ist die erste zertifizierte Medizin-App für Migräne und Kopfschmerzen. Mit Kopfschmerztagebuch, Analyse der Auslöser und Therapiemethoden.
ios  android  app  health  headache 
39 minutes ago by e2b
Introducing Gooba 3 - Your new best friend. Your new mind.
Universal note-taking app with a beautiful & minimal design and without subscription. Download it on the App Store for iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch.
ios  writing  android  notes  app 
1 hour ago by e2b
These secret settings instantly make any Android phone feel twice as fast • BGR
Zach Epstein:
<p>When you switch apps or top around through pop-ups, the speed of the animations that transition you from one screen to the next actually have a huge impact on the speed of the user interface. They already seem to move so quickly that you barely notice them. But believe it or not, doubling the speed of these animations actually has a massive impact on how fast your Android phone feels. And as you might have surmised by now, that’s exactly what we’re going to teach you how to do in this post.

As we mentioned, each time you open an app, close an app, open or tap out of pop-ups, or switch between apps, your phone plays a transition animation. This way there’s a smooth transition from one screen to the next, rather than just an abrupt image change. Those animations might seem fast, but there’s an easy way to speed them up even more and the end result is a phone that feel much faster with a UI that seems much more fluid. And the best part is that it couldn’t be easier to adjust these settings.

There’s a secret Settings menu inside Android’s Settings app called “Developer options” and it’s filled with a wide range of advanced options. It’s hidden by default — it is a secret, after all — but it’s simple to gain access to it on your phone.</p>

Including this because some people might not know it.
android  usability 
1 hour ago by charlesarthur
Apps Installed On Millions Of Android Phones Tracked User Behavior To Execute A Multimillion-Dollar Ad Fraud Scheme
Another fraud detection firm, Pixalate, first exposed one element of the scheme in June. At the time, it estimated that the fraud being committed by a single mobile app could generate $75 million a year in stolen ad revenue. After publishing its findings, Pixalate received an email from an anonymous person connected to the scheme who said the amount that’s been stolen was closer to 10 times that amount. The person also said the operation was so effective because it works “with the biggest partners [in digital advertising] to ensure the ongoing flow of advertisers and money.”
android  mobile  advertising  fraud 
3 hours ago by dancall
11 Best loyalty card apps for Android 2018
Get now the Best loyalty card apps for Android, including Stocard, FiveStars, Belly and 11 other top solutions suggested and ranked by the Softonic Solutions user community in 2018.
android  apps 
5 hours ago by kger
Tasker 101: 5 Useful Profiles to Help Get You Started with Android Automation « Android :: Gadget Hacks
When it comes to automation apps on Android, Tasker is still the king of the hill. For a price of $2.99 on the Google Play Store, it's a great buy for any would-be tinkerer that would like to get into automating actions on their Android device. Then, when you consider that there's a free 7-day trial version available, there's almost no reason that you shouldn't at least test the waters with Tasker.
android  apps  tasker  howto  automation 
6 hours ago by kger
Error:only position independent executables (PIE) are supported
After pushing some binaries onto devices that run newer versions of Android, a frustrating error often occurs: error: only position independent executables (PIE) are supported.
PIE  Android  CLI 
6 hours ago by CBanga
google/filament: Filament is a real-time physically based rendering engine for Android, Windows, Linux, macOS and WASM/WebGL
Filament is a real-time physically based rendering engine for Android, Windows, Linux, macOS and WASM/WebGL
graphics  engine  rendering  3d  android  library  opensource  google  linux  osx 
6 hours ago by vrobin
Smartphone strength drives Xiaomi in Q3 - Mobile World Live
About 5% margin overall. Better than starving. But the rah rah ads bit is 10% of the biz
xiaomi  android  smartphone  ads  ovum 
9 hours ago by yorksranter
Android Developers Blog: Discontinuing support for Android Nearby Notifications
Three years ago, we created Nearby Notifications as a way for Android users to discover apps and content based on what is nearby. Our goal was to bring relevant and engaging content to users - to provide useful information proactively. Developers have leveraged this technology to let users know about free wifi nearby, provide guides while in a museum, and list transit schedules at bus stops.
mobile  beacons  fail  bluetooth  android 
10 hours ago by dancall

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