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NS:IDE - JavaScript IDE for accessing a phone/tablet's native runtime via NativeScript bindings!
NS:IDE is the NativeScript IDE that lets you get 'inside' your device.

Access any native functionality at run-time by calling a Javascript API that binds to the Obj-C (iOS) or Java (Android) run-time.
JS  mobile  error-handling  opensource  tools  IDE  editors  Android  iOS 
4 hours ago by liqweed
DIMPLE.IO® - The original custom Android NFC shortcut buttons!
DIMPLE.IO® is a small NFC™ sticker with buttons for Android™ ⁻¹ devices. You are the one who chooses the button functionality. It makes doing everyday tasks quicker and saves your precious time. Works on a protective case!
nfc  android  mobile  button 
9 hours ago by cyberchucktx
Google Play malware used phones’ motion sensors to conceal itself | Ars Technica
Malicious apps hosted in the Google Play market are trying a clever trick to avoid detection—they monitor the motion-sensor input of an infected device before installing a powerful banking trojan ... The thinking behind the monitoring is that sensors in real end-user devices will record motion as people use them. By contrast, emulators used by security researchers—and possibly Google employees screening apps submitted to Play—are less likely to use sensors ... The dropper then tried to trick users into installing the app using the fake system update
security  Android  !publish 
10 hours ago by zephyr777
ravidsrk/android-testing-guide: [Examples] Complete reference for Android Testing with examples.
[Examples] Complete reference for Android Testing with examples. - ravidsrk/android-testing-guide
android  test  example  unit  instrumentation  repo  reference 
yesterday by lgtout

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