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A de-bullshified version of Facebook for Android (less ads, less clutter, less crap)
No source/patch provided. Use at your own risk.

"Clearly you have only my word that I hadn't introduced malware or a bitcoin miner, though you are welcome to unpack the APK and diff it against stock."
Facebook  app  alternative  Android 
yesterday by dandv
Disa - Android multi-service IM client
Not open source. Unclear what exactly services they support - apparently Facebook, Whatsapp and Telegram (there's no FAQ about that).

Get the APK at

No iOS app yet, since 2015
Whatsapp  alternative  messenger  IM  client  Android 
yesterday by dandv
How to Run Android Apps and Games on Your Windows Desktop with BlueStacks
If there’s an Android application you really love and wish you could run on your computer, now you can: there’s a dead simple way to run Android apps on your PC or Mac without the fuss of moonlighting as an Android developer.
android  desktop  computer  emulator 
yesterday by cito
Everything you need to get started in Android Development
The new step by step guide detailing how to get started developing Android apps, with no prior experience necessary. Includes every resource I used, simple explanations and an interesting first app tutorial.
android  development  programming  tutorial  java  simplicity 
2 days ago by tdjones
Camera2 and You: Leveraging Android Lollipop’s New Camera
Enter Lollipop; this past year saw the release of Android 5.0, and with it the brand new Camera2 framework. These new components are Google’s attempt to give developers much more granular control over your phone’s camera functionality. DSLR-like levels of customization, such as native control over exposure and raw sensor capture are finally possible. And while this new approach requires a little more thought and legwork, the level of control you get in return is well worth the effort.
android  programming  camera 
2 days ago by mattmoss
RT : iOS 11 & Swift 4 - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp

android  mobileapps  ios  from twitter
2 days ago by ormg
OnePlus OxygenOS built-in analytics
info about and how to remove what OnePlus collects.
phone  oneplus  data  collections  howto  android  privacy  security 
2 days ago by jeffjensen

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