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Ancient Greek Color Vision | Serendip Studio
(1). Homer calls the sky "bronze" and the sea and sheep as the color of wine, he applies the adjective chloros (meaning green with our understanding) to honey, and a nightingale (2). Chloros is not the only color that Homer uses in this unusual way. He also uses kyanos oddly, "Hector was dragged, his kyanos hair was falling about him" (3). Here it would seem, to our understanding, that Hector's hair was blue as we associate the term kyanos with the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli, in our thinking kyanos means cyan (4). But we cannot assume that Hector's hair was blue, rather, in light of the way that Homer consistently uses color adjectives, we must think about his meaning, did he indeed see honey as green, did he not see the ocean as blue, how does his perception of color reflect on himself, his people, and his world.

Homer's odd color description usage was a cultural phenomenon and not simply color blindness on his part, Pindar describes the dew as chloros, in Euripides chloros describes blood and tears (5). Empedocles, one of the earliest Ancient Greek color theorists, described color as falling into four areas, light or white, black or dark, red and yellow; Xenophanes described the rainbow as having three bands of color: purple, green/yellow, and red (6). These colors are fairly consistent with the four colors used by Homer in his color description, this leads us to the conclusion that all Ancient Greeks saw color only in the premise of Empedocles' colors, in some way they lacked the ability to perceive the whole color spectrum.
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6 days ago by Marcellus
Ancient tools found in India may upend our views of history -
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9 days ago by rdr
TM Places: About
Trismegistos Places is a database of currently 54242 ancient and modern places (Geo table), all somehow connected with the ancient world.
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6 weeks ago by kintopp is a collaborative project dedicated to defining the intellectual concepts of pottery following the tenets of linked open data and the formulation of an ontology for representing and sharing ceramic data across disparate data systems. via Pocket
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6 weeks ago by kintopp
A Spin through Augustan Rome - Archaeology Magazine
Augustus "found Rome a city of brick, left it a city of marble." CG representation of upgrades from brick to marble during his regime (that we know of). The brag looks a bit overstated, but of course evidence is limited.
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8 weeks ago by Marcellus
Gobeklitepe | The Oldest Temple of the World
Gobeklitepe is a pre-historic site dating from roughly 12,000 years ago, near Sanliurfa, Turkey. Read all about Gobeklitepe on this dedicated site.
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9 weeks ago by orlin

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