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Cloud Natural Language  |  Google Cloud Platform
Analyze text using ML to extract relevant entities, understand the overall sentiment, identify parts of speech and create dependency parse trees.
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yesterday by bradbarrish
Securing Your GraphQL API from Malicious Queries – Apollo GraphQL
With GraphQL you can query exactly what you want whenever you want. That is amazing for working with an API, but also has complex security implications. Instead of asking for legitimate, useful data, a malicious actor could submit an expensive, nested query to overload your server, database, network, or all of these. Without the right protections you open yourself up to a DoS (Denial of Service) attack.
analysis  graphql  performance  security  operations 
yesterday by dlkinney
Millennial insecurity is reshaping the UK economy
- interesting impact - not moving out of region to take a job like I did when I had a degree affecting productivity and entrepreneurship. One could see how Brexit will exasperate things further. It also implies a corresponding youthquake to overturn it at a later date
economics  analysis  uk 
2 days ago by renaissancechambara

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