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Dancing the flip-flop

"flip-flop (n.) the process of pushing a work of art or craft from the physical world to the digital world and back, often more than once."
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5 days ago by nodalpoint
What Is an Empathy Map?
Short & sweet: How to use #customer #empathy #maps + example & tools #CX #journey
customer  journey  service  design  blueprint  empathy  map  example  howto  csr19  digital  analog 
22 days ago by csrollyson
Juanan Requena *
Juanan Requena is a creator, photographer & crafter currently based in Nauchipán, somewhere in Spain.

* Send your light here :

Represented by galerie VU’
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26 days ago by abetancort
todocoleccion | Zoconet SL
todocoleccion es marca comercial de Zoconet SL, empresa dedicada a la intermediación en la compraventa de antiguedades y objetos coleccionables a través de la red
eCommerce  p2p  Antique  Collectionables  SLR  Analog  Photography  Camera  auctions  ES  Top5 
26 days ago by abetancort
269- Ways of Hearing by Roman Mars
Stream 269- Ways of Hearing by Roman Mars from desktop or your mobile device
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4 weeks ago by po
(116) Analog Discovery 2 - Evaluating Signal Generator & Oscilloscope For PC Based Audio Analysis - YouTube
Analog Discovery 2 - Evaluating Signal Generator & Oscilloscope For PC Based Audio Analysis
Analog  Discovery  2  -  Signal  Generator  &  Oscilloscope  For  PC  Based  Audio  Analysis 
6 weeks ago by kilroy2

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