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The end of an era for The Marketing Companion | Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}
Over nearly six years, I have had the pleasure and honor of co-hosting The Marketing Companion with my dear friend Tom Webster. In this special episode, I say goodbye to Tom as my podcasting partner. We discuss the show’s evolution, the show’s future, and what’s next for Tom.
the  end  of  an  era  for 
11 hours ago by marshallk
Give an Exam or Take an Exam??
Giving an exam is something a doctor does to a patient, or something a teacher does to her students. Taking an exam is something a student does to prove their knowledge.
From what I gather, most Americans will say "take the test". Most Canadians will say "write the test". And most Indian students will say "give the test".
do  you  give  write  or  take  a  test  an  exam  ? 
yesterday by neerajsinghvns
FreeWheel’s First Upfront Unveils FreeWheel Media
Comcast is leaning into its advertising business with the first FreeWheel upfront, titled “NowFront.” The pitch to advertisers is an attempt to build more awareness for its media business and reassert itself as a leader in advanced TV tech.
“For  the  last  several  years_  we’ve  also  been  in  the  media  sales  business_  as  a  complement  to  what  we  do  on  the  other  side  of  the  ecosystem.  This  is  an  area  that  we_  for  a  long  time_  have  cared  about  and  have  created  a  lot  of  firsts_”  Comcast  Advertising  pres  Marcien  Jenckes  said  at  Wednesday’s  upfront  presentation  in  NYC.  “As  the  industry  establishes  itself_  we  were  one  of  the  first  companies  that  helped  unify  audiences  across  platforms.  were  one  of  the  first  companies  that  unlocked  set-top-boxes  across  the  country_  we  were  one  of  the  first  to  create  addressable  TV.” 
5 days ago by palfiericmw

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