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Britain's Fake News Inquiry Says Facebook And Google's Algorithms Should Be Audited By UK Regulators
- if this goes through its the thin end of the wedge. The UK is much more beholden to commercial interests. The record industry managed to bring down the full force of government censorship with the Digital Economy Act. And both Facebook and Alphabet only have themselves to blame. China's concept of cyber sovereignty starts to look prescient; and we all look as if we might be living in a darker world
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21 days ago by renaissancechambara
Google Q2 beats expectations as shrugs off $5B EU fine via
Alphabet  from twitter
25 days ago by jhill5
Google Q2 beats expectations as shrugs off $5B EU fine via
Alphabet  from twitter
25 days ago by jhill5
Android has created more choice, not less | Google Blog
- yeah right. Basically we can't get paid in data so pay us a licence fee. I wonder how much Google will have to pay to keep Google Search in the device if they do that. It could also create an opportunity for Oxygen, Yandex app store, Jolla and home grown distributions by the likes of Huawei instead
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4 weeks ago by renaissancechambara
Europäische Kommission verurteilt Google zu Strafzahlung in Höhe von 4,34 Milliarden Euro
»Zusätzlich zu der Geldstrafe wurde Google auferlegt, diese Praxis innerhalb von 90 Tagen einzustellen. Sollte dies nicht geschehen, will die Europäische Kommission weitere Strafen in Höhe von bis zu 5% des durchschnittlichen weltweiten Tagesumsatzes der Google-Mutter Alphabet einzufordern.«
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4 weeks ago by akawee

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