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Reading Supply's development journal.
writing  webapp  alpha  engineering  blog 
7 weeks ago by program247365
Alpha History
"a free, ad-supported online textbook for history teachers and students"
Alpha  History  textbook  learning  summaries  historiographical  historical  biographical  activities  Alpha-History  AlphaHistory  free  ad-supported 
10 weeks ago by Mykl
Sourcehut's year in alpha
sourcehut is a network of useful open source tools for software project maintainers and collaborators, including git repos, bug tracking, continuous integration, and mailing lists.
sourcehut  alpha  release  vcs 
november 2019 by joshleeb
Trace (Sticker Mule)
Instantly remove the background from your photos, free. (Sticker Mule)
images  alpha  transparency 
november 2019 by beery
#10: How can I tell if a PNG has transparency? | SelfSolved
I have a PNG, and I want to know if the background (or any regions) are transparent.
png  detect  transparency  alpha 
november 2019 by lgtout

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