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[1808.00023] The Measure and Mismeasure of Fairness: A Critical Review of Fair Machine Learning
The nascent field of fair machine learning aims to ensure that decisions guided by algorithms are equitable. Over the last several years, three formal definitions of fairness have gained prominence: (1) anti-classification, meaning that protected attributes---like race, gender, and their proxies---are not explicitly used to make decisions; (2) classification parity, meaning that common measures of predictive performance (e.g., false positive and false negative rates) are equal across groups defined by the protected attributes; and (3) calibration, meaning that conditional on risk estimates, outcomes are independent of protected attributes. Here we show that all three of these fairness definitions suffer from significant statistical limitations. Requiring anti-classification or classification parity can, perversely, harm the very groups they were designed to protect; and calibration, though generally desirable, provides little guarantee that decisions are equitable. In contrast to these formal fairness criteria, we argue that it is often preferable to treat similarly risky people similarly, based on the most statistically accurate estimates of risk that one can produce. Such a strategy, while not universally applicable, often aligns well with policy objectives; notably, this strategy will typically violate both anti-classification and classification parity. In practice, it requires significant effort to construct suitable risk estimates. One must carefully define and measure the targets of prediction to avoid retrenching biases in the data. But, importantly, one cannot generally address these difficulties by requiring that algorithms satisfy popular mathematical formalizations of fairness. By highlighting these challenges in the foundation of fair machine learning, we hope to help researchers and practitioners productively advance the area.
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2 days ago by rvenkat
Introduction to A*
Good explanation of the A* pathfinding algorithm.
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2 days ago by dmdavis
Introduction to A*
Interactive tutorial for A*, Dijkstra's Algorithm, and other pathfinding algorithms
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2 days ago by garrettc
Learning… by Alexander S. Kulikov et al. [PDF/iPad/Kindle]
Learning Algorithms Through Programming and Puzzle Solving
2 days ago by hellsten
This repository contains JavaScript based examples of many popular algorithms and data structures.
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3 days ago by gohai

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