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The Depths of Despair Among US Adults Entering Midlife | AJPH | Vol. 109 Issue 5
> The age pattern of heavy drinking differed significantly across groups. The increase in heavy drinking was steepest among Whites during late adolescence and into their early 20s, declined across the late 20s and 30s, and increased again in the late 30s. The age pattern of heavy drinking was flatter for Blacks but with steady increase across this life course stage. For Hispanics heavy drinking peaked in the early 20s and then declined, with some evidence of an increase in the late 30s. The predicted probability of heavy drinking was consistently highest among Whites.
alcohol  demographics 
2 days ago by porejide
The Best High-Proof Bourbon You Can Buy in 2019
Don't buy high-proof bourbon for high proof's sake, but prospect carefully and you'll unlock liquid pleasures beyond the vale.
whiskey  alcohol  bourbon  gearpatrol 
2 days ago by geglover
When Passover Meant Raisin Wine | JSTOR Daily
Sarna found a recipe for the drink written by Mordecai M. Noah, a New York journalist, politician, and playwright: three or four pounds of raisins placed in a gallon jug, covered with water, and set near the fire. “In about a week it will be fit for use, making a pure, pleasant, and sweet wine, free from alcohol.” Noah described this wine as “precisely the liquor used in old times for sacred purposes.”
history  religion  judaism  christianity  alcohol 
3 days ago by atbradley
National Project
today I learned that the women's christian temperance union still exists
alcohol  religion  usa  history 
4 days ago by ignatz
Jack Keller's Wine Making Page
"Home winemaking is an enjoyable, educational and satisfying hobby. Winemaking recipes make the process easy and simple instructions ensure success. The basic steps are easy to learn and practice. Advanced principles and techniques are not difficult to master, but are not required to make good wine. This website, The Winemaking Home Page, strives to be the definitive resource for the amateur home winemaker.

The traditional homemade wine base ingredient is the grape because it naturally contains the correct mix of sugar, moisture, tannin, and nutrients required for fermentation and preservation, and it even carries its own yeast. But in truth, wine can be made from almost any non-toxic plant or plant part if additional ingredients are supplied in the correct amount. It may not be great wine or even good wine, but it can be made. This site exists to help you make only good-to-excellent wine."
homebrew  do-it-yourself  wine  alcohol 
5 days ago by loimprevisto
The Chemistry of Hangovers - MIT Technology Review
A video from the American Chemical Society has the explanation
chemistry  body  alcohol  howto  explainer  video 
5 days ago by fdedic
Why is Carlsberg promoting tweets branding its beer the 'rancid piss of Satan'? | The Drum
The conspiracy theorists in The Drum have noted a connection between the three live tweets – which referenced ‘naan’, ‘stale breadsticks’ and ‘nan’ – a bread-thread bringing them together. The theory, however, falls flat when incorporating the 'piss' content.

Carlsberg sources have confirmed to The Drum that it does indeed have marketing shenanigans in the works and that the promoted tweets will soon pay off. It comes at a time when the brewer is looking to build the profile of its "unfiltered" brand, a Danish-style Pilsner beer brewed using naturally-occurring yeast.

As it stands, there is enough evidence out there to suggest it is 'Probably' launching a 'new brew'. It recently relaunched its Pilsner product in the UK.
alcohol  twitter  fail  funny  social-networks 
7 days ago by dancall
The 7 Best Beer Glasses You Can Buy in 2019
From a classic pint glass to the rarified Teku, this is your guide to beer glassware that makes you look like you know what you're doing.
beer  alcohol  home  kitchen  gearpatrol 
9 days ago by geglover
All 77 official IBA Cocktails - Album on Imgur
Post with 19045 votes and 399535 views. Shared by kestreltalon1. All 77 official IBA Cocktails
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10 days ago by ghardin

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