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Nate Oats leaves Buffalo to take over as head men's basketball coach at Alabama - Sports Spectrum
Christian article about Buffalo basketball head coach Nate Oats leaving to take the same position at Alabama.
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RT : Sweet kinship: Zip, a 3-year-old cattle dog, adopted a 13-day-old orphan horse in the US state of after he…
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The Lost Sermons of C. H. Spurgeon Volume I: His Earliest Outlines and ... - Christian T. George - Google Books
we trust that a stout cord may speedily find its way around his eloquent throat Citizens in Alabama burned Spurgeon's books
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March 21, 1932 - one of the worst outbreaks to ever strike also spawned at least 11 ac…
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Alabama Medicaid Manuals
Alabama Medicaid Manuals
Provider Billing Manuals, Other Manuals

Provider Manuals, 2019 and earlier years, updated quarterly

Alabama  Medicaid  Manuals  DMH 
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Opioid crisis: US schools prepare for student overdoses - BBC News
The US state of Alabama is pioneering a project to train school staff - including teachers, coaches and administrators - how to treat pupils suffering from drug overdoses.

"Times have changed. Kids are getting things out of their parents' cabinets. They don't have to go out on the street, and they don't know what they are taking," says Jan Cibulski, school nursing supervisor in rural Shelby County - one of the regions signing up to the programme.

Until the start of the year, the state - like most others - recommended school nurses administer the treatment, but now they are widening the training to other teaching staff, as the opioid epidemic spirals nationwide.

The medication - naloxone - is being included in schools' standard emergency kits, alongside defibrillators and allergy-remedying Epipens.

For US teaching staff, the training could become another standard procedure, like shooting drills. Florida is considering a similar initiative.
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