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Suck Less, One Touchpoint At A Time
Improving #customer #experience need not be dramatic to have impact: Airline redesigned their boarding pass. Agile digital #ethnography efficiently discovers customer friction #cx
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9 days ago by csrollyson
Premium economy: is it worth the extra expense? | Travel | The Guardian
about value of premium economy seats. Some links and resources for airline comparison info.
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9 days ago by piperh
Boeing 737 Max grounding hits American Airlines outlook - BBC News
American Airlines has cut its sales outlook after being forced to cancel hundreds of flights involving the grounded Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft.

The airline now expects a key measure of total revenue to be flat or grow by 1% during the first quarter, compared to previous forecasts of a 2% increase.

The firm is the second largest operator of the Boeing 737 Max 8 in the US.

The jet is at the centre of two fatal crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia within five months of each other.

American Airlines also said that it was unable to forecast how much the disruption would cost the company.

Since the Boeing 737 Max 8 was grounded in the US on 13 March, American Airlines has cut 1,200 flights and has extended cancellations through its second quarter to 30 June, which will affect about 90 flights a day.
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13 days ago by jtyost2
Ethiopian Airlines crash: Boeing reduces 737 production
Boeing is temporarily cutting production of its best-selling 737 airliner in the continuing fall-out from crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia.

Production will drop from 52 planes a month to 42 from mid-April, Boeing has said in a statement.

The decision is a response to a halt in deliveries of the 737 Max - the model involved in the two accidents.

The plane is currently grounded as preliminary findings suggest its anti-stall system was at fault.

An Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max crashed only minutes after take-off from Addis Ababa in March, killing all 157 people on board.

The same type flown by the Indonesian airline Lion Air crashed into the sea only five months earlier, shortly after taking off from Jakarta. That accident claimed the lives of 189 people.
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16 days ago by jtyost2
In Ethiopia Crash, Faulty Sensors on Boeing 737 Max Are Suspected
A similar series of events involving faulty sensor data and an automated system suspected in bringing down a Boeing plane in Indonesia may have also caused the crash of the same type of jet in Ethiopia in March, according to people who have been briefed on the contents of the black box in Ethiopia.

Data from a vane-like device, called an angle-of-attack sensor, incorrectly activated the automatic, computer-controlled system, called MCAS, which pushed the nose of the plane down, eventually leading to a crash that killed all 157 people aboard.

The black box, also called the flight data recorder, contains information on dozens of systems aboard the plane. The black boxes on both planes, Boeing’s latest generation of the 737, survived the crashes, allowing investigators to begin piecing together what caused the disasters. Both investigations are ongoing and no final determinations have been made.

There are two angle-of-attack sensors on the Boeing 737 Max, one attached to the fuselage on the pilot’s side and another on the co-pilot’s side. Investigators in Indonesia, who have produced a preliminary report and released some of the information from the box, saw that one sensor produced a reading that was at least 20 degrees different from the other as the plane took off and began its ascent.

The system was programmed to use data from only one of the sensors, which on that flight was malfunctioning. With the bad data, MCAS was activated, erroneously pushing the nose of the plane down. The pilots on the Indonesian flight tried repeatedly to override the system, but after about 12 minutes lost their battle and the plane crashed.
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24 days ago by jtyost2
Boeing announces fixes for its 737 Max aircraft - BBC News
Boeing has issued changes to controversial control systems linked to two fatal crashes of its 737 Max planes in the last five months.

But it's still not certain when the planes, that were grounded worldwide this month, will be allowed to fly.

Investigators have not yet determined the cause of the accidents.

As part of the upgrade, Boeing will install as a standard a warning system, which was previously an optional safety feature.

Neither of the planes, operated by Lion Air in Indonesia and Ethiopian Airlines, that were involved in the fatal crashes, carried the alert systems, designed to warn pilots when sensors produce contradictory readings.

Boeing said in future airlines would no longer be charged extra for that safety system to be installed.
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26 days ago by jtyost2
In Test of Boeing Jet, Pilots Had 40 Seconds to Fix Error
During flight simulations recreating the problems with the doomed Lion Air plane, pilots discovered that they had less than 40 seconds to override an automated system on Boeing’s new jets and avert disaster.

The pilots tested a crisis situation similar to what investigators suspect went wrong in the Lion Air crash in Indonesia last fall. In the tests, a single sensor failed, triggering software designed to help prevent a stall.

Once that happened, the pilots had just moments to disengage the system and avoid an unrecoverable nose dive of the Boeing 737 Max, according to two people involved in the testing in recent days. The automated system, known as MCAS, is a focus of investigators trying to determine what went wrong in the Lion Air disaster in October and the Ethiopian Airlines crash of the same Boeing model this month.

The software, as originally designed and explained, left little room for error. Those involved in the testing hadn’t fully understood just how powerful the system was until they flew the plane on a 737 Max simulator, according to the two people.

Compounding the flaws, pilots received limited training about the system before the first crash. During the final minutes, the captain of the Lion Air flight flipped through a technical manual trying to figure out what was happening.

In a tacit acknowledgment of the system’s problems, Boeing is expected to propose a software update that would give pilots more control over the system and make it less likely to trigger erroneously, according to three people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to describe the private meetings.

There are common procedures in place to counteract MCAS, as currently designed. If the system starts pushing the plane’s nose down, pilots can reverse the movement via a switch at their left thumb, a typical reaction in that situation. In doing so, they can potentially extend the 40-second window, giving them more time to avoid a crash.

To fully neutralize the system, pilots would need to flip two more switches. That would shut off the electricity to a motor that allows the system to push the plane toward the ground.
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27 days ago by jtyost2
Southwest Moves 737 MAX Aircraft To Victorville For Storage
Southwest Airlines, the world’s largest operator of the Boeing 737 MAX, is now sending their fleet to storage at the Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville.

They’ll be parked there until they get the green light to go back into service. The planes were grounded after two deadly crashes in six months.
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28 days ago by jtyost2
Transportation Secretary Calls for Inquiry Into Boeing Jet Approval
The United States transportation secretary, Elaine Chao, on Tuesday asked her agency’s internal watchdog to conduct an audit of the Federal Aviation Administration’s certification of the Boeing 737 Max 8.

The F.A.A.’s approval of the 737 Max has come under scrutiny after the crash last week of an Ethiopian Airlines jet, the second deadly crash involving the aircraft in less than five months.

“Safety is the top priority of the department, and all of us are saddened by the fatalities resulting from the recent accidents involving two Boeing 737-Max 8 aircraft in Indonesia and Ethiopia,” she wrote in a memorandum to Calvin L. Scovel III, the inspector general for the Transportation Department.

Ms. Chao wrote that she was seeking the audit “to help inform the department’s decision-making and the public’s understanding, and to assist the F.A.A. in ensuring that its safety procedures are implemented effectively.”

The F.A.A. was slow to ground the 737 Max as safety regulators around the world took action in response to the crash in Ethiopia, and the agency is facing questions over its role in approving the plane as safe to fly in the first place. The F.A.A. certified the 737 Max 8 in 2017, and one concern after the plane’s grounding is the role that Boeing employees played in the certification process.

For decades, the F.A.A. has relied on outside experts known as designees to assist in certifying that aircraft meet safety standards. In 2005, the agency created a program through which manufacturers like Boeing could choose their own employees to act on behalf of the F.A.A. to help certify new aircraft.
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4 weeks ago by jtyost2
Boeing: French investigators find crash 'similarities' - BBC News
French airline safety experts find similarities bt #Ethiopia and #Indonesia #Boeing #737max8 crashes due to antistall system; lax compliance at #faa?
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5 weeks ago by csrollyson
Ethiopians Say Flight Data From Doomed Jet Shows Similarities to Indonesian Flight That Crashed
Information from the data and voice recorders from an Ethiopian Airlines jet that crashed last weekend show similarities to an earlier crash of the same type of Boeing plane used by an Indonesian airline, Ethiopia’s transport ministry said.

A spokesman for the ministry would not say what the similarities were but added that details of the investigation would be revealed later.

Although the investigation of the latest crash is still in its early stages, there have already been indications that the Boeing 737 Max 8 used by Ethiopian Airlines may have had problems similar to those of the Indonesian plane, a Lion Air flight that crashed in October.

A malfunctioning software program aboard the Max 8 planes is a central focus of investigators. The software program, called M.C.A.S., was installed in the new Max 8 planes as a way of preventing stalls and worked by forcing the nose of the plane down.

In the Indonesian flight, there are indications that the system acted in error and that the pilots had trouble overriding the software’s actions. They ultimately lost their battle before the plane plunged into the sea.
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