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Governing Artificial Intelligence | Data & Society
"The report draws the connections between AI and human rights; reframes recent AI-related controversies through a human rights lens; and reviews current stakeholder efforts at the intersection of AI and human rights."
artificialintelligence  government  report  ngo  stakeholders  un  society  ethics  ai 
25 minutes ago by danhon
Establishing an AI code of ethics will be harder than people think - MIT Technology Review
"Philip Alston, an international legal scholar at NYU’s School of Law, proposes a solution to the ambiguous and unaccountable nature of ethics: reframing AI-driven consequences in terms of human rights. "[Human rights are] in the constitution," Alston said at the same conference. "They’re in the bill of rights; they’ve been interpreted by courts," he said. If an AI system takes away people’s basic rights, then it should not be acceptable, he said."
ai  ethics  philipalston  mit  techreview  dataandsociety 
26 minutes ago by danhon
AI and the Trolley Problem |
"A provocative story about the relationship between the humans on a British airbase and the AI security system that guards that base. When a group of humans are killed, the question is who is responsible and why."
shortstories  sf  ai  trolleyproblem  ethics  tor  patcadigan 
48 minutes ago by danhon
Oracle OpenWorld 2018 – The intelligent apps equation
"Oracle will showcase some fresh capabilities that breathe new life into cloud ERP. Here is the rundown on what to expect along with commentary from ASteve Miranda who leads that endeavor. It makes for a compelling story but it will be customers who confirm."
analytics  planning  and  data  analysis  cloud  erp  financials  supply  chain  machine  intelligence  ai  talent  management  event  reports  oow18 
1 hour ago by jonerp
Google AI Blog: Fluid Annotation: An Exploratory Machine Learning–Powered Interface for Faster Image Annotation
The performance of modern deep learning-based computer vision models, such as those implemented by the TensorFlow Object Detection API, depends on the availability of increasingly large, labeled training datasets, such as Open Images. (via Pocket at October 22, 2018 at 04:12PM )
google  ai  blog  ifttt  from_pocket 
4 hours ago by amaral

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