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Unilever teams up with Microsoft to deliver AI-assisted decision making to users
"Unilever CIO Jane Moran explains how the organisation is using Microsoft tools to bring reliability and trust back to its use of data."
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. has unwittingly proven that is not yet ready to replace humans. The AI analysis of the sh…
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Google's New AI Head Is So Smart He Doesn't Need AI | WIRED
The company’s new head of AI says he’d like to see Google move deeper into areas such as healthcare. He also warns that the company will face some tricky ethical questions over appropriate uses for AI as it expands its use of the technology

“New machine learning capabilities or research results might enable us to do new things that Google doesn't now,” says Dean. “Health is one that's pretty far along in this direction.”
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RT : Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella: The whole world is now a computer via
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