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Game AI Game Engine
is a set of instructional programming assignments for the Game Artificial Intelligence course taught at Georgia Tech.
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yesterday by Z303
Smart Edge Agile | element14 | Design Center
Introducing the meta sensing category, the solution is first on the market with a hardware and software combo that provides AI and security at the Edge. Thanks to the Brainium portal, users will access a complete IoT solution including AI Studio. The studio brings a Zero Coding approach for building AI models and pushes them to the edge. This avoids the complexity of deep learning tools and development processes. The solution is ready to use, from POC up to industrialization.
ai  iot  internetofthings  artificialintelligence  sensors  bluetooth  security 
yesterday by cyberchucktx
GitHub - GokuMohandas/practicalAI: A practical approach to learning machine learning.
Colab notebooks. Covers Basics (Numpy/Pandas/Regression/Random Forests) and also Time Series / Computer vision etc.
ai  python  tutorial  machinelearning 
yesterday by lena
GokuMohandas/practicalAI: A practical approach to learning machine learning.
A practical approach to learning machine learning. - GokuMohandas/practicalAI
ai  machinelearning 
yesterday by ElliotPsyIT

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