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RMS Water Resistant Tote Bag for Walker and Scooter
RMS walker bag is a mobility accessory that allows you to transport items with ease. It fits most walkers, rollators, wheelchairs and power scooters with adjustable length straps that are secured with clip fasteners. It is made with premium quality material that is water resistant to keep your items dry and safe.
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Eldergadget: senior-friendly tech provides reviews and news about highly rated consumer electronics. By highlighting senior-friendly features, ElderGadget informs and inspires, creating a synergy between the product’s technology and user.
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Why I’m Giving Up on Preventative Care
"Once I realized I was old enough to die, I decided that I was also old enough not to incur any more suffering, annoyance, or boredom in the pursuit of a longer life. I eat well, meaning I choose foods that taste good and that will stave off hunger for as long as possible, like protein, fiber, and fats. I exercise—not because it will make me live longer but because it feels good when I do. As for medical care: I will seek help for an urgent problem, but I am no longer interested in looking for problems that remain undetectable to me. Ideally, the determination of when one is old enough to die should be a personal decision, based on a judgment of the likely benefits, if any, of medical care and—just as important at a certain age—how we choose to spend the time that remains to us."
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