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'World's oldest woman' says she's been miserable every day of her life and her long life is a punishment from God as she approaches her 129th birthday
Koku Istambulova, from Chechnya, is allegedly about to turn 129, making her the world's oldest person, but says her age is a 'punishment' and that she has no idea how she lives this long.
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3 days ago by pozorvlak
Preventing Muscle Loss as We Age - The New York Times
Sarcopenia, a decline in skeletal muscle in older people, contributes to loss of independence.
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3 days ago by soobrosa
Aspirin Late in Life? Healthy People May Not Need It - The New York Times, Sep 2018
"Should older people in good health start taking aspirin to prevent heart attacks, strokes, dementia and cancer?

No, according to a study of more than 19,000 people, including whites 70 and older, and blacks and Hispanics 65 and older. They took low-dose aspirin — 100 milligrams — or a placebo every day for a median of 4.7 years. Aspirin did not help them — and may have done harm."

"The new report is the latest in a recent spate of clinical trials that have been trying to determine who really should take aspirin. One study published in August found no benefit in low-risk patients. Another found that aspirin could prevent cardiovascular events in people with diabetes, but that the benefits were outweighed by the risk of major bleeding.

A third study found that dose matters, and that heavier people might require more aspirin to prevent heart attacks, strokes and cancer."
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