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[Semaphore] Stubbing and Mocking in Java with the Spock Testing Framework
Spock was created to cover the full testing lifecycle of a Java Enterprise application. The existing tools have a long history and come with several legacy features that cannot always keep up with newer testing practices. The most evident example of this is the fact that JUnit covers only plain unit testing and nothing else. If you need to mock some services or wish to employ Behavior-driven development, JUnit is simply not enough. You are forced to add more testing frameworks into the mix, each one with its own idiosyncrasies and issues.
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6 weeks ago by jslu
Q&A on the Book Enterprise Agility
The book Enterprise Agility by Sunil Mundra aims to make you think about organizations as living systems that thrive on fast paced change. It’s intended for leaders, managers, and coaches, who want to improve the agility of their organization and develop the personal traits that enable change.
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6 weeks ago by pinterb
[Pluralsight] Introduction to testing with BDD and the Spock Framework
This has been an introduction to the Spock framework and BDD. I hope you can see how readable and accessible is to test with the help of Groovy and this framework.
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7 weeks ago by jslu
Why won't improve organizational
- Consumes too much energy
- Traps v empowers EEs ("It’s agile…
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12 weeks ago by tom.reeder
"Adequate and for is essential in preparing your dog for competition and helping p…
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may 2018 by stevechic
Agility should pay attention to Sociology – Romeu Moura – Medium
So I wrote myself a thread to explain 3 concepts from Bourdieu and their impact in Agility
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may 2018 by Vaguery
Struggling to achieve ? Watch the video for 6 tips to become at scale>>>
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may 2018 by jabbrwcky
The Disappearing Opportunity
"With relates to the third point, vendors must constantly assess the customer situation and connect with or create urgency. It’s not just about establishing preference for you vs. competitors on the situation you are focused on; its establishing preference for that project vs. others."
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april 2018 by jonerp

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