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Acephalic Agile—worse than Waterfall? - Oliver Wyman Labs: Technical
At least in Waterfall if you did a good job of designing the project, and if you stuck to the spirit of the method, you were to some extent insulated from management noise and ‘dreck effekt’. But the outcome in a badly governed Agile project is that each iteration takes us further off course. Or at least it doesn’t (‘asymptotically’) converge on the right outcome as it should. The result can be even worse than a badly planned Waterfall project, and with more late nights worked along the way. The pain coefficient at the project’s end can also be greater than with the Waterfall. Here it is that Agile can actually be worse than Waterfall.
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17 hours ago by mvuijlst
Lean User Research — Lessons from the Agile Trenches (User Experience Magazine)
Группа пользовательских исследователей из Indeed даёт советы по оптимизации процесса пользовательских исследований в agile-процессе.
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yesterday by jvetrau
Ludovic Cinquin " Pourquoi nos projets informatiques échouent ? " - YouTube
En informatique, nous fonctionnons en permanence avec des croyances et des modèles. Certains sont utiles... d'autres sont contextuels, contre-productifs, ou voire dangereux. "Pour livrer plus vite, il faut rajouter des gens", "C'est en maximisant l'utilisation des gens qu'on est le plus productif",
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2 days ago by adden
Uncle Bob and Silver Bullets • Hillel Wayne
Uh uh, long time I stopped following Uncle Bob. He was important in my career to dissect important concepts like OOP, patterns and agile processes. He gave me a method to learn that I've used for a long time. But similarly to my relationship to TDD (which has still an important place in my toolset) I'm ready to move on and look at other tools, languages, techniques or processes. Not just unit testing or agile, or OOP or FP. That's a small part of the whole and indeed there is no silver bullet. I think I've absorbed (or I hope I did) most of his books and presentation. But I prefer to adjust (and possibly pick different tools) for each project or problem. They never tend to be the same, so sometimes TDD, sometimes no TDD. Sometimes XP practices, sometimes not. At the same time that I show my gratitude to Uncle Bob to make me think (and practice), I'm happy not to follow his idealistic (and dogmatic to my taste) approach.
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2 days ago by reborg
Reaching Peak Meeting Efficiency
"Meetings are either a necessary evil or necessarily evil, depending on who you ask. Meetings are undeniably the most important tool for building a diverse, high-performance team with shared values."
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2 days ago by garrettc

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