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CATK is an interdisciplinary design studio, based in Berlin, Germany
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5 hours ago by iZac
Innocean Promotes 2 New Creative Leads on Hyundai and Genesis | AgencySpy
Agency vets Barney Goldberg and Bob Rayburn, respectively, will handle those two pieces of business moving forward.

“Barney and Bob have been creative leaders at Innocean since their arrivals, and we are proud and excited to formally announce these new leadership roles on the Hyundai and Genesis creative teams,” said CEO and president Steve Jun.
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15 hours ago by automotive
Greek mobile ad startup running Wagtail
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yesterday by tomd
Independent creative agency - Design & Innovation and Architectural Visualisation.
We are an independent creative agency specialising in Design & Innovation and Architectural Visualisation.
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3 days ago by andrewn
YouTube Artist Prince EA Stumps For Ford 01/14/2019
Dealers have been sharing it with customers, with reaction from all over the country, says Dan Jones, U.S. communications manager for Explorer.

“Partnering with Prince EA was really an interesting part of the reveal,” Jones tells Marketing Daily.  “Explorer is really a symbol that reminds America about exploration and adventure and this kind of wanderlust that somewhere along the way we seem to have lost a little bit. So Prince EA was a really great partner because he has a great center of gravity when it comes to family and vacation time.”
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3 days ago by automotive
Elsewhen | Digital Product Studio
We design, build and ship digital products and services at speed, with zero waste.
3 days ago by richardsison
Courts Hand Down Hard Jail Time for DDoS
A 34-year-old Connecticut man received a whopping 10-year prison sentence for carrying out distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks against a number of hospitals in 2014. Also last week, a 30-year-old in the United Kingdom was sentenced to 32 months in jail for using an army of hacked devices to crash large portions of Liberia’s Internet access in 2016.
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3 days ago by SecurityFeed

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