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Increasingly Savvy Advertisers Have Got The Big Agencies Worrying | AdExchanger
Many clients are still using key performance indicators (KPIs) that assume that the click or the last ad delivered, though not necessarily seen, before a conversion is what actually prompted it. This practice effectively encourages agencies to buy vast amounts of low-quality inventory and cookie bombs. It's all about attribution gaming and putting ads in places that will tilt the KPIs, regardless of whether they affect consumer behavior. It also opens campaigns to fraud and brand safety issues.

The answer, as many progressive voices have been pushing for some time, is to build incrementality into those essential performance indicators right from the initial contract. This looks at the actual effect of a campaign: how much incremental value it drove that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. The technology for this might be complex but it’s already available to advertisers.
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3 days ago by dancall
Uber-rival Gett hires St Luke's for creative brief with risky remuneration model | The Drum
In Gett’s case, it was St Luke's that put a number of different models forward, including pay-per-ride (akin to the agreement Airbnb had with TBWA) which would see the agency take a cut of every £2 someone spent through the ‘Get Together’ service. In the end that didn’t work out and while the details of the current payment model are still being ironed out, the proposal under discussion has been described as a “pendulum” of risk and reward.
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3 days ago by dancall
Increasingly Savvy Advertisers Have Got The Big Agencies Worrying | AdExchanger
most media agencies are incentivized to buy digital media in ways that work against successful campaigns for their clients.
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6 days ago by ronnussey
Vizeum Global Trends: Consumers Take the Power Back - YouTube
We predict a shift in the balance of power around data ownership, where consumers take back control and data becomes the new currency that brands will have to trade in.
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7 days ago by dancall
Ignore the hype: There are no AI-driven media agencies
Ignore the hype: There are no AI-driven media agencies
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11 days ago by ronnussey

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