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The Ad Community’s Reaction to Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Change – Adweek
“This change will impact the way that we talk about the value of Facebook for advertisers, and that the meaningful interactions that are important in paid really are about driving business outcomes, and not about driving engagement for the sake of engagement.

If anything, this update will further support the point of view that we have had on using paid social to drive true business objectives—not engagements—for a while now. It will also impact the way we monitor the performance of any boosted content, in case we do see an impact there.

Additionally, paid placements are largely unaffected by the change. Advertisers who boost organic content may see a small impact if the content did not receive enough meaningful interactions before it was boosted, but that is only one factor in the auction, so we anticipate minimal-to-no impact here.”
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3 days ago by dancall
Fake Love
A design driven Experiential Agency that creates unconventional immersive projects
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6 days ago by agunadi
Factory 360
Experiential Marketing Agency
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6 days ago by agunadi
Home | 72andSunny
We are a global marketing, advertising and design company.
A spirit of collaboration defines our culture and people. We are obsessively committed to finding the opportunity in every challenge because it’s more fun, productive, and makes the work better.
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13 days ago by jordaniusrex
Why Cosabella replaced its agency with AI and will never go back to humans | Campaign US
via Pocket - Why Cosabella replaced its agency with AI and will never go back to humans - Added March 27, 2017 at 08:53PM
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28 days ago by lgalli
Agencies hit back at consultancies, offering strategic services upstream | Marketing Dive
via Pocket - Agencies hit back at consultancies, offering strategic services upstream - Added September 25, 2017 at 03:29PM
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28 days ago by lgalli

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