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How GroupM deals with brand safety | WARC
As much as we approach safe contextual placement with a zero-tolerance attitude, we can never completely eliminate the risk of an ad appearing adjacent to inappropriate content. We must remember that the nature of automated behavioral advertising is directed by an algorithm that selects a user (it’s our ambition to place the right ad in front of the right prospect at the right time) not a web-site. So if a user matches the target profile and happens to stray onto an inappropriate site – they may see an ad directed at them. No leading marketer wants their ad to be seen in an inappropriate environment, but I would argue that the reputational harm rests mostly in the publicity, should that brand’s ad be discovered by a reporter and subsequently broadcast to a larger audience, rather than the exposure to the target user who chose to frequent the “inappropriate” site in the first place. Normally a very small percentage of marketers’ ads appear adjacent to risky content; the real danger lies in the embarrassment when this is exposed in the press.
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3 days ago by dancall
Future of Agencies: The Experience Opportunity - Only Dead Fish
via Pocket - Future of Agencies: The Experience Opportunity - Added September 18, 2017 at 12:46AM
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We help startups and established companies to invent, build, and launch their next product or venture.
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From agency CEO to Facebook intern: what starting again taught me about creativity | The Drum
Agencies claim they have different cultures but actually most of them feel largely the same. Facebook felt genuinely different. Engineers, not creatives, drive the culture. Creatives at Facebook have to fend for themselves, deal with clients directly, manage their time efficiently – no suits, no producers, no bag carriers. It’s incredibly lean. They get in, do their work and get out again.

I found it fascinating that at Facebook, creatives and engineers bonded over a ‘hack for good’ for a brilliant charity called rather than over a pint in the pub. While the culture felt a little mechanical, it’s clearly a haven for people who still want to do good work, but aren’t interested in building their entire life around agency life. It was a salutary reminder that there are many more ways to build a powerful culture than our industry thinks about.
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11 days ago by dancall
WPP invests in podcasting company Gimlet in the US - WPP
WPP announces that it is investing US$5 million for a minority stake in Gimlet Media, Inc. (“Gimlet”), an award-winning global podcasting company based in the US.
Gimlet’s advertising and branded-content clients include Alphabet Inc., Ford Motor Company, PepsiCo, Match Group, eBay, Blue Apron, Goldman Sachs and Microsoft Corporation. Gimlet is based in Brooklyn, New York and was founded in 2014. It employs 85 people.
Gimlet’s podcasts are downloaded over 12 million times per month in over 190 countries worldwide. Gimlet’s programming includes critical and commercial hits spanning a variety of verticals like StartUp (business), Reply All (internet culture), Mogul (music), Homecoming (scripted fiction), Uncivil (history), Science Vs (science), Crimetown (true crime), The Nod (Black culture), among many others. Gimlet also produces branded podcasts on behalf of advertisers looking to connect with Gimlet’s sought-after millennial audience on a deeper plane. In the past, year Gimlet has produced hit branded podcasts including DTR ‘Define the Relationship’ (Tinder/Match Group), Open for Business (eBay), The Venture (Virgin Atlantic), The Secret to Victory (Gatorade), and future (Microsoft). Since its founding, Gimlet has raised US$27 million in funding.
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11 days ago by dancall
Everything is Changing; So Should Antitrust – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
The problem for Sorrell is two fold: first, fundamentally re-orienting a business away from a vertical integrative approach to a horizontal modular approach is extremely difficult, both in terms of company culture and the effect on the bottom line. In truth I expect WPP to continue to lose business to digital agencies structured from day one with the assumption that Google and Facebook are the integrators in the advertising value chain.

The second point, though, is worse: what is happening to WPP is happening to the rest of WPP’s ecosystem — media on one side, and advertisers on the other.
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11 days ago by dancall
The Unique Method This Executive Uses to Built Strong Teams |
The result is a highly-regarded competition that is open to young, aspiring strategists who apply from diverse backgrounds from all over the world. The program is intended to give them a foot in the door into the world of advertising. Here's how it works.

Over the course of the weekend, participants collaborate within a hybrid planning boot camp and networking event. They split into teams of four to five people to develop a creative platform and communications strategy for a particular product.

The teams who've best addressed the assignment are then able to present their strategies in front of a room packed full of agency departments heads and recruiters. This year, it was Be My Eyes, an app that uses volunteers to bring sight to the blind and visually impaired. Finalist teams are judged by a grand jury of strategist executives from top agencies such as McCann Worldwide, R/GA and powerhouses like Google.
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12 days ago by dancall
Pitch deck: How Amazon is selling ad buyers on its growing advertising business - Digiday
Lawn meet tanks --> "agencies can now buy ads on their own through Amazon Media Group"
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