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REDEF ORIGINAL: Light at the End of the Funnel: Why the Marketing Revolution is About to Arrive
One of the primary beneficiaries of the funnel transformation will be the major social and ecommerce platforms. They have the ability to provide not just an advertising platform, but a broad stack of funnel capabilities – from audience data and insights to targeting, customer relationship development and engagement, payment processing, and even fulfillment (making Amazon the marketing industry’s sleeping giant). Not only does this stack produce tremendous (and hard to substitute) value for brands, much of this value is clearly defined (which enables platforms to enforce a significant tax). Moreover, by converging these capabilities and eliminating the need for costly creative and account management capabilities, “funnel platforms” can substantially increase the addressable advertiser base. Earlier this year, Facebook’s COO told analysts that through Facebook, “SMBs are able to use the pull of some of the biggest brands in the world. So over 2 million SMBs have posted a video, both paid and organic, in the last month. And that happens to be many times the number of SMBs that have shot or placed a TV commercial.” This value, driven by the expansion of the advertising base, will be monopolized by the major platforms.
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Coalition for Better Ads – Making Online Ads Better for Everyone
Advertising helps support valuable free content, robust journalism and social connections across the internet. Consumers, however, are increasingly frustrated with ads that disrupt their experience, interrupt content and slow browsing.

Leading international trade associations and companies involved in online media formed the Coalition for Better Ads to improve consumers’ experience with online advertising. The Coalition for Better Ads will leverage consumer insights and cross-industry expertise to develop and implement new global standards for online advertising that address consumer expectations.
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Google Firestarters 21: The Future of Digital Advertising - The Event - Only Dead Fish
The big shifts are around digital disappearing, and the internet ceasing to be 'a thing' (there was a great chart he used to show that millions of people in Asia use Facebook but have no idea they're using the internet). The more integrated digital is therefore, the more it makes sense. IOT is a great opportunity to integrate brands into our everyday lives. Screens will be all around us, all media becoming digital, and characterised far more by video, real-time, and all bought programmatically. Those screens are becoming more intimate and personalised over time, so that we're increasingly able to buy contexts far more than channels. We're only at the beginning of understanding what digital and mobile can do so don't shrink to limitations, work around possibilities. Advertising will become far more anticipatory (look at Google Now) so it will be far more about helping people to decide and buy, using context. But then more and more products are building scale through exceptional customer experience rather than advertising so we need to stop looking backwards at case studies and look further forwards towards the possible. Advertising won't look anything like how it has before, or what we currently think it will. So there has never been a better time to work in the industry.
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Everything's up for grabs for the agency of the future | PR Week
via Pocket - Everything's up for grabs for the agency of the future - Added September 12, 2016 at 12:26PM
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Vice signs multimillion-dollar global ad deal with WPP's GroupM
Vice and WPP's media investment unit GroupM have signed a multimillion-dollar advertising deal that will take advantage of the millennial-focused media company's international expansion.
"We both agree that millennials are the future," Vice co-founder and CEO Shane Smith said in an interview with CNBC alongside WPP CEO Martin Sorrell. "They're under-serviced and we have to create more content and do a better job of going after them."
The main crux of the deal involves Vice working with GroupM to use Vice's insights, content and data to build an advertising platform across all of Vice's global multi-screen and over-the-top properties. The deal was announced at the Dmexco conference in Cologne, Germany.
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Dentsu Aegis CEO Jerry Buhlmann: “Eventually, Everything Will Become Programmatic” | AdExchanger
When Dentsu Aegis Network bought programmatic shop Accordant Media on Thursday, it was the Japanese holding company’s second major tech acquisition in less than a month, following the majority stake Dentsu took in CRM agency Merkle.
“Programmatic is the way of working in the future and we’ll continue to invest in people who have the skills and technology to support that,” said Dentsu CEO Jerry Buhlmann.

Investing in areas like programmatic is key to sustainability, and Buhlmann envisions Dentsu “approaching 100% programmatic by 2020.” Eventually, Dentsu will embed Accordant’s programmatic expertise into its Amnet agency trading desk.
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18 days ago by dancall
Mark Ritson: McDonald’s zero-margin Omnicom deal sets welcome precedents for agency contracts | Marketing Week
Of course, all this hinges on McDonald’s being able to measure what it wants to manage, but there is no good reason why decent marketers can’t benchmark their brand tracking scores and customer funnel data and use it to first brief then judge and finally reward their agency.
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