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Advertising companies struggle to adapt to a new world
Advertising companies struggle to adapt to a new world
2 days ago by lgalli
GroupM Identifies Several Things the TV Advertising Industry Should be Worried About | Video Ad News
The decline of TV audiences are often overstated, with much of the audience of linear having switched to digital platforms instead. But traditional TV viewing is falling as younger generations turn away from linear – GenY viewership has fallen by about 4.5 percent annually in the UK and US, and for GenZ the figure is close to 9 percent. GroupM finds that aging does not increase people’s viewing like it used to, and predicts that aging GenY and GenZ audiences will erode viewing at a pace of one percentage point a year over the next decade.
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3 days ago by dancall
The Marketing Group’s blockchain-backed agency Truth promises to be antidote to industry’s media woes | The Drum
The Marketing Group (TMG) has launched a media agency, built on blockchain technology, that promises advertisers 100% transparency as they grapple with what Procter & Gamble (P&G) brand chief Marc Pritchard now infamously described as a “murky at best, and fraudulent at worst” media supply chain.

Called Truth, the new entity will be run by Mary Keane-Dawson, who joined TMG earlier this year, and Adam Hopkinson who will join from AnyClip as chief operating officer from 1 December.
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5 days ago by dancall
GroupM's addressable TV outfit, Finecast, to find a common currency in the ‘walled gardens’ of online TV | The Drum
GroupM has today (27 September) announced the launch of Finecast, an addressable TV outfit that will look to improve audience targeting for TV advertisers by providing a single point of access - and a common currency - across most major broadcast players in the UK, excluding ITV.

The agency is building a so-called “global ecosystem” around addressable TV as it predicts the shift in viewing habits from linear TV to on-demand will lead 30 to 50% of the total market to focus on addressable in the near-future.

To help advertisers navigate the complex world of TV as it fragments across devices and platforms, Finecast will provide a single point of access for advertisers to target TV audiences.
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6 days ago by dancall
Bff. The human-first, content-loving agency making the web great, again.
Restless perfectionists, making a better internet. A digital agency based in Melbourne and servicing the world.
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6 days ago by estinchon
It's time to break free from the digital 'spiral of decline' and get creative | The Drum
I’ve never seen any creative excitedly devour Wired magazine and ponder on the implications, I’ve not seen AI discussed optimistically, or seen a group thrilled by the chance to make mobile ads. We’ve done the least we had to. We took the tiny media budget, smaller production budget and when pressed to, told it to link to a website. The opportunities have been outstanding, yet we’ve not created a single new ad unit since the 1960s. We’ve had $XXXm invested in adtech but seemingly every cent on targeting and analytics, not the actual thing we show people.
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10 days ago by dancall
Cambridge Analytica CEO talks to TechCrunch about Trump, Hillary and the future | TechCrunch
Actually, probably not digital advertising agencies because they’re more progressive. I’m really looking at the old school traditional creative-led agencies. [For example] within WPP, obviously Martin (Sorrell) has made a huge effort to pivot his business. He’s making a huge effort every day, acquiring 40+ companies a year, something like that. But when you look at the traditional approach to advertising, which is fundamentally driven by guesswork, albeit very intuitive and experienced guesswork… The advert I was thinking about… do you remember the Cadbury’s advert of a gorilla playing the drums? I mean who could have known that that was going to be a national success? I mean, you’re telling me they went and opinion-surveyed 5,000 people and then decided to make a gorilla advert? Of course they didn’t! They just ‘wing’d it’ and it happened to push people’s buttons and it was a great success. Well, that sort of advertising is going to be replaced by highly targeted, very personalized advertising, and that has to be data-driven. That’s not replacing of creativity, that’s using data to augment creativity. Data first then creativity. It’s linear.
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10 days ago by dancall
How JJJJound Went From Tumblr Sensation to Real Life Design Studio | GQ
GQ Style: How did you turn this image curating site into a creative practice?
Justin Saunders: Websites like JJJJound are a great tool, an amazing business card to share your vision with the world. It gave me access to conversations I wanted to be a part of.
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14 days ago by dancall
Agency of the future: Next-generation operating models for marketing agencies
A small number of global marketing agencies have come to dominate their industry after decades of acquiring smaller agencies in a range of specialty disciplines: creative and branding services, digital, media planning and buying, public relations, and market research. Although these subsidiaries are responsible to their parents financially, they otherwise operate independently — and often in direct competition with their sister agencies. That model is breaking. Driven by technological developments, evolving consumer habits, and cost pressures, clients are increasingly seeking unified, best-in-class teams that can work across disciplines and agencies.

The marketing giants have begun to integrate their operations in response to the pressures from clients and the external market. But they aren’t evolving fast enough. They need to fundamentally rethink their organizational structures; become far more integrated across back-, middle-, and front-office capabilities; and play a more active role in day-to-day strategic operations. Here we detail the pros and cons of the four potential next-generation operating models, and offer guidance on determining the best-fit model. The necessary transformations will be disruptive, but each of the risks and challenges of the process contains the potential for opportunities and competitive advantages.
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16 days ago by dancall
Journal Overview — I-COM
The Frontiers of Marketing Data Science Journal is a biannual digital publication creating a bridge between the ideas of leading researchers and practitioners, and key marketing and advertising industry decision makers.    
Unlike similar journals, The Frontiers of Marketing Data Science Journal is focused on new, practically oriented approaches to optimising marketing and advertising decisions in a data-driven way. A key objective of the Journal is to facilitate a real-world impact of new ideas by targeting decision makers in the wider industry.
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19 days ago by dancall

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