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Google is being investigated by Russia's antitrust agency
Google may soon be facing another antitrust action, this time from Russia. Russia's antitrust agency is currently investigating a complaint against Google's Android operating system, according to a...
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3 days ago by joeo10
Active Theory / Creative Digital Production / Venice, CA
Active Theory is a creative digital production studio based in Venice, California. We make bold things for the big guys.
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8 days ago by jlancaster
Indian Television Dot Com | Dentsu Aegis Network’s retail division Hyperspace wins 11 awards at OMA 2015
Posterscope APAC managing director Haresh Nayak said, “We are glad that out of all the participants, we were the only agency to win 11 awards. This surely works as a great motivation to further eye for the best this year. Today Hyperspace is seen as a leading retail design studio that has created a remarkable presence for itself in the industry and has set a clear benchmark for the same.”
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8 days ago by dancall
Agency vs In-House : part of growing up — Medium
"Much has been written in recent months about winds of change in the business of design — the possible decline of Agency versus the flexing muscle of In-House design. Influential consultancies like Smart Design (in SF) and BERG shut their doors. Others like Teehan+Lax, Adaptive Path, Fjord among several others were adopted by bigger forces.

These changes prompted the design community to wonder who’s gaining ground— sparking some interesting discussion. Two great articles earlier by dear and vastly experienced friends Mike Kruzeniski and Tobias Van Schneider captured their views on this discussion eloquently. I wanted to add 5-cents to a discussion I’ve had for some years now.

Is there ground to be gained? Isn’t this just a process of natural design evolution — part of growing up? Isn’t what we’re witnessing in design institutions just the inevitable process of being children once, growing up with lots of help and soon becoming parents ourselves?

I’ve been fortunate to work as a designer in some of the world’s best known consultancies, agencies and in-house design teams. I see connections in what I’ve learnt from valuable time spent in design teams at Veryday (RedDot’s Design Team of the Year 2014), Teague (who’ve innovated since 1926), R/GA in New York (AdAge’s Agency of the Year 2015) and now in-house at Spotify’s Design Team (which recently crossed 60M active users and 15M paying subscribers).

Like people, products were once just babies. They were conceived and brought into the world, mentored, educated and supported all the way to adulthood and beyond."

[See also: ]
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11 days ago by robertogreco
How PHD profited from constraint | Campaign US
PHD is a global media planning and buying agency, a division of Omnicom, with a strong industry and client reputation as a thought leader in the business. They recognized, as they pitched for large global clients against the giants of their own category, that they would never be able to compete like for like with the size of the account teams and resources that these larger companies could offer.

Their solution was to offer a client not the same or a slightly larger team to work on their business, but everyone in the agency worldwide — over 3,000 people.
12 days ago by dancall
WPP to acquire 20% stake in comScore to 'crack' cross-media measurement | News | M&M
WPP has announced it is to acquire up to a 20% stake in online measurement firm comScore, creating an alliance with its data investment management business Kantar to try to “crack the code” of cross-media measurement.

ComScore will issue 4.45% in shares, while also WPP plans to separately buy up to 15% of the company, with comScore acquiring the assets of Kantar’s Internet audience measurement European businesses in return.
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13 days ago by dancall
What now for Publicis with Sapient safely in the fold? | The Drum
Publicis.Sapient (which will include SapientNitro, Razorfish Global, Rosetta and DigitasLBi and Sapient consulting units Sapient Global Markets and Sapient Government Services).
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15 days ago by lgalli
via Pocket - How to Work with Designers - Added August 18, 2013 at 01:45PM
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16 days ago by lgalli
New agency to sniff out threats in cyberspace
The idea of a central agency to combat cyberthreats isn’t new, but support has grown as the threats have become more sophisticated and damaging.
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16 days ago by joeo10
6 Things That Digital Agencies Get Wrong About Testing | TrackDuck
6 Things That Digital Agencies Get Wrong About Testing | TrackDuck -
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20 days ago by lukeabell

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