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How we fixed our studio’s cash-flow problem
How we fixed our studio’s cash-flow problem:
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yesterday by circa1977
Transitioning Away From Selling
According to ReCourses’ David C. Baker, the “threshold of respectability” in North America is $160k/FTE
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4 days ago by circa1977
Ogilvy’s Rory Sutherland on ad blocking: 'It could turn into a hideous arms race' - Digiday
I think it already has. Where do you think the answer lies?
There’s an oblique solution to this problem that we’ve not found yet. If someone had invented a decent micropayment system, maybe a lot of this would have gone away. We’ve had 10 years to solve this problem of micropayments, and still we haven’t. There are a lot of things that could sell for just 10 pence. But then the second we actually have payment linked to the readership of specific pieces of content, it’s death to intelligent journalism because every signal article will be about cats. It’s a bit of a mess really.
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8 days ago by dancall
The Guardian hints at next steps for combatting ad blocking
Time is of the essence. Last week, figures emerged from the IAB and YouGov showing ad blocking products in the U.K is on the rise, with 18 percent of U.K. adults (sample size: 2,052 people) now using them, up from 15 percent in June.

Carat’s global chief digital officer James Harris said the fact the publisher is eyeing more customized ad experiences is admirable, given the rise of ad blocking is partly due to the industry “hitting people with bad-quality ads numerous times, via programmatic trading.”

Creating bespoke ad experiences depends on having the data to drive them. The Guardian would need an “identifier,” which it could take from its registered user base, though it would potentially need to add third-party data to get the necessary scale, according to Harris.
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11 days ago by dancall
MacPaw: The Best Mac Cleaner Software: CleanMyMac 3, CleanMyDrive, Gemini
MacPaw makes stunning Mac cleaning apps for your pleasure. We are known for CleanMyMac 3 — The Best Mac Cleaner, Gemini — The Duplicate File Finder and cleaner for Mac OS X, CleanMyDrive, and other apps you'll love to use.
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11 days ago by demianturner
Isobar Japan and Dentsu iX to Merge - Becoming Tokyo's Largest Global Digital Agency | LBBOnline
Isobar Japan and Dentsu iX will merge to become one agency, Dentsu Isobar, from January 2016. Takahiro Uchinaga, currently CEO of Isobar Japan, will become Chief Client Officer of the new Dentsu Isobar agency, while Hidetoshi Tokumaru, currently CEO of Dentsu iX, will become CEO of Dentsu Isobar. 

The combined agency will number over 300 people, making Dentsu Isobar the largest global digital agency in Tokyo. The move will provide clients with full service experience design and brand commerce capabilities in Japan, to service both international and local businesses in this connected world. It will enable the team to leverage Isobar's global footprint to service more Japanese global clients outside of Japan. 
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16 days ago by dancall
SEO, PPC and Web Design Agency in Chester, Near Liverpool | Prodo Digital
We offer a refreshing digital approach to our clients. Dont take our word for it, as our case studies speak for themselves. Come and see what we mean.
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19 days ago by brendan_rice
Future Trends Volume 14: The Future of Robots | IAB UK
Welcome to Future Trends Volume 14: The Future of Robots. This paper will look at robots – what could be more exciting?
This paper will look at robots – what could be more exciting? We’re living in a world where human interaction with AI and robotics is becoming a daily occurrence. Machines are taking over the human in our supermarkets, banks, airports, becoming part of our society. This paper will delve into the future of the robotic world. 
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19 days ago by dancall
Real-Time With WPP's $4 Billion Man 10/12/2015
MediaPost Weekend: And what do you estimate the entire marketplace is?

Lesser: Maybe $10 billion.

MW: So you’re one-tenth of the entire marketplace. Is that enough to have true visibility in the Wall Street sense of the word?

Lesser: The trick is that we don’t necessarily need visibility over the entire marketplace. We want visibility over the highest-quality inventory that exists within the marketplace.
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22 days ago by dancall
Why WPP's GroupM Bought Google Media Agency Essence Digital | Agency News - Advertising Age
WPP has been in talks with Essence for two years, said Mr. Norman. Ultimately, it came down to the shop's digital buying foundation, its 500 staffers and its global buying technology. "They operate more consistently in more places than any other marketing services company I've come across," said Mr. Norman of Olive. The fact that Olive does it for Google across the world was another major selling point for GroupM, which is known for its contentious relationship with the search giant, according to Mr. Norman.
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24 days ago by dancall

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