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Drupal web developers near the Amherst, Northampton and Western Massachusetts area, specializing in ongoing Drupal support and deployments. | Last Call Media
Drupal web developers near the Amherst, Northampton and Western Massachusetts area, specializing in ongoing Drupal support and deployments.

3rd party Integration, Consulting, Data migration, Deployment, Design, Development, E-commerce, Front-end Development, Information architecture, Infrastructure Planning, Mobile App Development, Mobile Site Development, Project Management, Site Building, Support, Upgrades

Banking and Financial, E-Commerce, Education, Enterpris...
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11 hours ago by jlancaster
We Are Social’s Curiosity Stop #5 / We Are Social
Anyway, as Barry White would say, you’ve got to ‘practice what you preach’. This is why the Curiosity Stop, our monthly report of what’s new in social thinking, evolves every month. We refuse to publish the same humdrum report each month. Instead, we regularly take a look at what’s working and what isn’t – which is why you might notice that this Curiosity Stop has had a new lick of paint. This month, we’ve also decided to tackle some innovations of our own, within the report. Innovative to the core, we are.
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20 hours ago by dancall
The Advertising Industry As We Know It Is About To Blow Up! | MediaVillage
Fact # 3.  Ad blocking. That really is a problem. Digital ad spending continues to outpace all traditional media forms. And all traditional media forms are still trying to figure out what to do about digital platforms. Sure all media must embrace digital technology and use their assets to enhance revenue and profits.  But it seems to be a leaky bucket because trying to preserve core assets while creating new building blocks is a difficult task. Ad blocking technology can literally take down the industry unless proper solutions can be found. Honestly, it’s not a legal issue, it’s a consumer issue and a business issue. Content and creativity (including native advertising, product placement, sponsorship, etc.) will obviously play an important role, but ad blocking will change the monetization and metrics of digital media. (Don’t tell me about DVRs, it’s not quite the same thing.)
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22 hours ago by dancall
Don't Design Sites - Design Everything! | Advertising Week
One approach I find useful is to start by creating an inventory of my basic customer types, and channels that connect to drive the experience towards them. This model is founded on the data layer at the bottom of the diagram, and it's only by specifying the flow of data into and out of this layer, that you can design the experiences that the customer actually undergoes higher up the chart. Each of these components need their role in the experience designed, with thought as to what they will do for the customer, how they will make the experience relevant and compelling, and how they will integrate with the rest of the ecosystem.
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7 days ago by dancall
An open letter to ad serving companies — Medium
When I hear a quote like the one above, along the lines of “I’ve never bought something because of an advert” people are almost always talking about the third kind, the demand generation ads. The others barely even seem like advertising some of the time. That’s what makes it so effective: it helps you, rather than manipulates you.

These ads work, so advertisers will keep looking for ways to get them in front of you. If you block ads then you’ll hurt the free content business model, but you won’t stop yourself from being subjected to this content. It’ll find another way.
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9 days ago by dancall
User Revolt: Digital advertising in the ad-blocking era | Advertising Week
What does this mean, in practical terms?
In order to reach consumers when a majority or plurality of them are using ad blockers, we must create things that are informative, entertaining, or useful enough that people will choose to seek them out and share.
The bar is much higher for this content. In the contest for attention, it's our content versus the entire internet. Users are only ever one click away from sports and cat videos.
When we succeed in capturing attention, our efforts will be rewarded. The effectiveness of each impression delivered on a choice basis is significantly higher than impressions delivered by display units or interruptive messages.
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9 days ago by dancall
Newsmaker: Aegis global CEO on dancing around the dark arts - AdNews
Let’s cut to the chase. If you’ve been on the street this year, you might have heard the grumblings from rivals of Aegis and its media agency brands like Carat and Vizeum that the Denstu-owned media group is a lead protagonist for aggressively playing arbitrage with ad inventory and using advertising “value banks” from media owners as part of its operating model.
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9 days ago by dancall
Facebook Debuts Mobile Ad Products To Lure TV Dollars 09/29/2015
For starters, the social giant just introduced a way for advertisers to plan, buy and measure its video ads using total rating points (TRP) -- a metric that should be very familiar to any TV buyers.

With the offering, Facebook is encouraging marketers to plan campaigns across TV and its own properties -- including Instagram -- with a total TRP target in mind, then buying a share of those TRPs directly with Facebook.

Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings measurement system will then be available to verify Facebook’s in-target TRP delivery, while the measurement giant’s Total Ad Ratings system can verify the TRP delivery for Facebook and television combined.
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9 days ago by dancall
We specialize in visual identities, websites and printed matter.
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9 days ago by johanekhager
Layer is an experience driven industrial design agency founded by Benjamin Hubert.
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11 days ago by andrewn

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