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Does the Rise of Digital Products Spell the Death of the Agency Industry Model?
via Pocket - Does the Rise of Digital Products Spell the Death of the Agency Industry Model? - Added October 19, 2016 at 02:23PM
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8 days ago by lgalli
Why Think Foward? - We Are Social UK
Think Forward is designed for any brand shapers, business creators and company leaders with an appetite for innovation. We believe that by looking at the smaller changes happening around us, we can better understand the bigger patterns they add up to, allowing us to find a role for our businesses and brands at the right time.

The report will be published at our Think Forward 2016 event on the 3rd of November and we'll have three amazing speakers looking at the future of social from a variety of perspectives:
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14 days ago by dancall
Most Web Design Agencies Suck
Over the years I’ve heard plenty of designers moan about their clients. I’ve also witnessed a recent outburst of complaints against authors and speakers on Twitter. However the group that rarely comes under fire in public, but probably should, are the mass of terrible agencies out there.
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19 days ago by
Think with Innovators: James Harris, Global Chief Digital Officer, Carat – Think with Google
James Harris entered the world of digital media by an unusual route. “I was a musician who didn’t make the big time,” he explains, before going on to describe how he began working in traditional media, before setting up shop for himself in the early days of the internet. “When I began working in traditional media, it was very much the same every day. You would come in and do a press plan, or come in and do a television plan, and it didn’t really change much from month to month and year to year.” Ultimately, it was the protean nature of digital that appealed, something that still drives James to this day. “Digital changes so quickly, and I think that’s super exciting.”
20 days ago by dancall

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