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Volvo and Grey London Invent an Invisible Paint That Lights Up Cyclists at Night | Adweek
Safety is a huge part of the Volvo brand. And now, the automaker, with help from Grey London, is extending the concept beyond its own drivers—to cyclists with whom they share the road—and beyond advertising, into product development.
Client and agency have collaborated with Swedish startup Albedo100 to produce LifePaint, a reflective safety spray designed to increase the visibility and safety of cyclists and others on the road at night. Invisible in the daytime, the spray glows brightly in the glare of headlights at night.
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Work - Studio Källbom
We believe that the world needs meaningful digital products, that offer true value to people. By designing with instinct, insight and the latest technologies, we create digital experiences at the forefront.
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2 days ago by mrrocks
What Razorfish thinks connected retail looks like | Marketing Magazine
Last week at the Adobe Summit in Salt Lake City, UT, interactive digital agency Razorfish Global gave marketers a whirlwind tour of what a top-to-bottom connected retail experience would look and feel like.

Called RZR Shop, its hypothetical store made use of mobile devices, interactive in-store screens and product RFID tagging. But it went beyond the shiny hardware and showed how those technologies could be combined with intelligent processes and real-time data to create a holistic “phygital” journey — Razorfish’s word for a digital experience in a physical space.
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Expertise | Digital strategy, creative, technical & marketing | Distinction
Find out about Distinction’s approach to the strategy, creative, technical and marketing aspects of digital projects.
3 days ago by brendan_rice
Isobar Blog Unconscious consumption – the rise of low involvement digital
It’s often said that we need not simply digital strategies but strategies for a digital world. We have seen this approach percolate the industry in the form of hybrid thinkers and ever more integrated agency models. We are learning, over time, to design for a world where digital is ubiquitous.
A far greater challenge, however, is to design for a world where digital is all but unconscious - where there are no longer any barriers between online experiences and offline. The rise of connected objects, ever more diverse user interfaces and the power of programmatic data are creating a world where we are constantly, effortlessly, surrounded by digital data. As John Battelle describes it in this post on AdTech as artifact:
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Carat predicts Digital spend to reach more than 25% of total advertising spend in 2016, fuelled by upsurge in mobile advertising spending in 2015 - Media & Digital Communications Group - Dentsu Aegis Network
Carat, the leading global media network, today publishes its first forecast for worldwide advertising expenditure in 2016, combined with its latest forecasts for 2015 and actual figures for 2014, with all markets ring-fencing Digital media spending, even when faced with negative economic headwinds.

Based on data received from 59 markets across the Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA, Carat’s latest global advertising expenditure forecasts show Digital media, with a predicted US$17.1 billion or +15.7% increase in spend in 2015, is outpacing previous Carat predictions from September 2014. Powered by a dramatic rise in Mobile ad spending globally of +50% and Online video of +21.1% predicted in 2015, Carat forecasts that Digital will, for the first time, account for more than a quarter of all advertising spend in 2016 with a market share of 25.9%. 

From a global perspective, Carat forecasts that in 2015 advertising spend across all media will increase by US$23.8 billion to reach US$540 billion, accounting for a +4.6% year-on-year increase. Market optimism continues into 2016 with Carat’s first forecast for the year predicting a year-on-year global advertising growth of +5.0%.
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5 days ago by dancall
Brand Intelligence Group | Anagrama
International branding, architecture, software and brand positioning firm. Experts in brand development and commercial spaces.
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Pulling Back The Curtain On In-House: Let's Do The Math 03/17/2015
Let’s say you have $100 to spend on media programmatically. The financial performance of publicly traded MSPs indicates they typically take at least 40%, or $40 in this case. The middleman puts the money to work through his ad stack and provides some useful services like campaign setup, optimization, tagging, data buying and dynamic creative.

Most publicly traded middlemen earn around 10% net profit margins. So, out of $100 in spend with $40 in gross margin and $10 going to profit, that leaves $30 for middleman operating funds.
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10 days ago by dancall
Vanuatu slams aid agencies Vanuatu #Vanuatu | hot top breaking au news | Pinterest
Vanuatu slams aid agencies Vanuatu #Vanuatu | hot top breaking au news | Pinterest Vanuatu slams aid agencies Vanuatu #Vanuatu from gima2327, March 20, 2015 at 02:42AM, gima2327, Twitter March 20, 2015 at 02:48AM
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Web design, web development, mobile & content strategy by Happy Cog
Web design and user experience consultancy specializing in targeted, effective content and standards based design. Publishers of A List Apart Magazine, co-founders of the Event Apart design conference. Founded by Jeffrey Zeldman (, author of Designing With Web Standards. Offices in New York, Philadelphia and Austin.
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