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JWT’s MENA Female Tribes | Stylus | Innovation Research & Advisory
Global marketing communications agency J. Walter Thompson has released original research on the evolving female audience in the Middle East and North African (MENA) market. The insights, published in December 2016, were gathered as part of an ongoing international study into the world’s largest consumer group: women. Highlights include:

Female Tribes: The report defined 15 new attitudinal profiles, called Female Tribes, which describe consumer lifestyle shifts across the region. Included were the Donna Drapers – the professional female entrepreneurs conquering the world of MENA start-ups; and the Arab Alphas – the women breaking social and cultural barriers and pioneering landscapes that were once only the privilege of Arab men. See our 2017: Look Ahead - Consumer Lifestyle report for more on the female power players of tomorrow.
Rising Force: “The world, its economy and the cradles of business can no longer afford to neglect the needs of Arab women – siphoning them off into one statistical column rather than recognising their idiosyncrasies and nuances” said Mennah Ibrahim, MEA director of J. Walter Thompson Intelligence. 
“If we look at this from a macro perspective, recognising that women’s economic power is continuing to grow around the world, and coupling it with data that confirms the Muslim segment is the fastest-growing economic segment globally, then it’s a slam-dunk strategy to be working on eyeing the Arab woman as a consumer with enormous potential for brands in the future,” she added.  
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GroupM: Mobile Music Streaming $220 Million Ad Opportunity | Data-Driven Marketing - AdAge
Ultimately, GroupM expects these streaming mobile activities to translate into entirely new budgets for ad spending. The company estimates that in the coming few years, ads aimed specifically at people based on the fact that they're at the gym, in the shower or cooking dinner while listening to music – that is, exhibiting "moods" or engaged in particular "moments" -- will account for $220 million in new ad revenue in the seven markets surveyed.
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Dentsu Aegis Tech Matrix 2017 - CES
Driven by the dual forces of globalization and convergence, the exponential explosion of technology in the last 10 years has created a pace of change we’ve never seen before.
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CES 2017: Key trends - JWT Intelligence
This year, among big tech companies Amazon was the clear winner—though Amazon itself kept a low profile, letting others announce a multitude of new uses for Alexa, its virtual assistant.
Electric and self-driving cars were everywhere. Taking a page from Apple and Microsoft, which pulled out of CES years ago, Tesla sat out the conference as rival auto makers tried to mount convincing challenges to its dominance of the electric car market.
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Cubicle Ninjas - A Full-Service Creative Design Agency
Cubicle Ninjas is a full-service creative design agency powered by a team that transform ideas into effective campaigns for the world’s greatest brands.
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2017: Predicting the Increasingly Unpredictable - WPP
Back to the Browser:  Struggling with getting their apps downloaded and used, marketers appear to be exploring the browser once again. Patagonia recently retired its app and replaced it with Google’s Progressive Web Apps technology. So unless you are lucky enough to be one of the 48 apps installed on a phone, or the 8 used daily, a solid browser-based experience may be the solution if built to shapeshift based on different screens. Furthermore, with AI, search, bots and notifications increasingly extracting and managing the information flow outside the app itself, it may no longer be as critical to get an expensive app built, promoted, downloaded and used. It may be more realistic and useful for some brands to push that brand content into the digital slipstream.
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10 days ago by dancall
Ad Agencies on Defensive as DOJ Production Probe Widens | Agency News - AdAge
The Wall Street Journal first reported in early December that the DOJ was examining ad agencies for allegedly fixing bids by encouraging production houses to increase their prices so that contracts are awarded to agencies' in-house teams. If proven, the allegations could lead to fines and even prison time, according to legal experts. Leading the investigation is Rebecca Meiklejohn, who sent six executives to prison in the Grey/Color Wheel bid-rigging scandal in the early 2000s.
In-house production has emerged in recent years as a popular tool for agencies facing time constraints and financial pressures brought by the need for constant content creation in the digital age. The investigation could ultimately come down to how transparent agencies are with clients when putting external bids against internal ones.
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R/GA Marketing Tech Venture Studio
The R/GA Marketing Tech Venture Studio with Interpublic is designed for emerging companies revolutionizing the future of marketing and digital products by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The rise of messaging, AI, and machine learning is creating a paradigm shift in computing that is reshaping the future of digital marketing and services.
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Shiny Object Syndrome -- chasing the next big thing in
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Dentsu Aegis and Kargo Are Collaborating to Bring More Creativity to Mobile Ads | Adweek
Premium mobile ads seller Kargo is getting an embedded presence within holding company Dentsu Aegis Network, building on their alliance from the last five years.  
The project, dubbed the Mobile Immersion Center, focuses on cutting-edge smartphone advertising development and will take place in a conference room at Dentsu agency Carat's East 42nd St. office in New York. It's outfitted with a large white board, a custom, Kargo-branded wood table, several chairs, multimedia capabilities and other features. For the space, Kargo commissioned artist Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos to create a neon wall installation titled "Keyhole" that follows the outlines of two hands holding a mobile phone. - via Kate Dorofeeva
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