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IBM Hired Hundreds of Designers to Figure Out What Customers Want - Bloomberg
IBM Chief Executive Officer Ginni Rometty has bet the future of the services division on design thinking. She badly needs the strategy to work if her company is to reverse 17 consecutive quarters of falling revenue and adapt to a cloud-based world. In the past few years, the company has recruited about 1,250 designers, built a global network of design studios (31 and counting)  and is training employees (yes, that includes engineers) to incorporate design thinking into almost everything they do. By the end of this year, the company says, about a third of the 377,000-strong workforce will have been retrained. The goal is to build a customer-centric, startup-esque culture—and then persuade clients to do the same.
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What we do | Mature Marketing
We can assist you with all aspects of effective communication to this lucrative sector -from a single press release to a full marcomms campaign.

Our trade-mark, one day fun, interactive Mature Insights workshop enables marketing professionals from across the business spectrum to learn tools and techniques for accessing the market potential.
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How McKinsey is moving into the creative scene | Marketing | Campaign Asia
He does not fit the consultancy's stereotype. But then, McKinsey’s design practice doesn’t fit the consultancy’s stereotype either. Not yet two years old, the practice began in earnest when McKinsey acquired Lunar, an award-w  inning design company from Silicon Valley. Braiterman said he chose to give up his autonomy because of the sheer calibre of the design thinkers in the company. “It persuaded me that this is the agency of the future,” he said.

Braiterman downplays the notion that McKinsey is in competition with advertising agencies, and agencies typically find comfort by telling themselves that management consultancies just aren’t “creative”. But that belief looks increasingly shaky, and it would be foolish to think that a firm like McKinsey, with its collective brainpower and access to consumer and business insight, doesn’t have the potential to eat into budgets that might otherwise be allocated to more traditional marketing service providers.
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Some Media Companies Cool on YouTube Distribution - WSJ
“You never count Google out, but something has to change at YouTube, or Facebook and Snapchat are going to own this world,” said a prominent digital media executive. For some newer media companies, YouTube has become an afterthought, this person said. “Google can’t rest on its laurels.”

The shift in tone regarding YouTube shows how quickly the technology and media landscape as well as consumer habits have evolved. YouTube, founded in 2005, reaches 1 billion people a month, and the platform has built a sizable, mature ad business that shares revenue with creators. Yet the video site is now crowded with more content than ever, and it doesn’t have the built-in network for sharing that helps other sites rapidly amass viewers, particularly on mobile.
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WPP’s CEO on Turning a Portfolio of Companies Into a Growth Machine
After business school I spent two years working for a consulting firm in Connecticut. This was at the height of the Vietnam War, and the U.S. government was starting to draft young men who weren’t citizens but were working here, so my mother insisted that I return to England. I’d met Mark McCormack, the sports agent who founded IMG, when he spoke at Harvard, and he hired me to open an IMG office in London. After a few years I left to try to start a company with my dad, who was my closest adviser and mentor at that time. We didn’t find a business that made sense, so I signed on as a financial adviser to a very successful businessman. One of the companies he’d invested in was an ad agency, and the Saatchi brothers had merged with that agency. They needed a CFO, so in 1976 I went to work for them.
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La multinazionale Be compra il 51% di IQUII dei fratelli Lalli
Be is a major IT consultancy specialized in financial services. The Group has over 1,000 employees across eight offices in Europe and revenues in excess of €100m
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12 days ago by lgalli
R/GA Connected Commerce Accelerator in partnership with Westfield Labs - R/GA Connected Commerce Accelerator
The program will feature a series of Partner Roundtable sessions that will bring the startups selected for the program together with the Program Partners and experts from around the globe to explore the trends defining the future of connected commerce.

R/GA will provide each selected startup with its award–winning business transformation, strategic marketing, branding, design, and technology services, as well as access to its network of industry partners, global brand leaders, mentors, and investors.

The founders will also have access to the Westfield Labs team, who are among the world’s leading experts in the convergence of digital shopping with physical retail and have a broad network of retailers across the globe.
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14 days ago by DirkSonguer

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