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Pitching? There has to be a better way to find an agency
My agency is good at pitching. It is, however, the most ridiculous, wasteful, time-consuming and fatuous way for clients to find an agency, and vice versa.
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That Lot Home Page
A stable of tweeters inc David Schneider, & the guy from The Dolphin Pub
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14 days ago by dancall
Peet's Coffee & Tea Inks Profit-Sharing Deal with Razorfish | Agency News - Advertising Age
Under the terms of the assignment, Razorfish will provide services in exchange for a share of Peet's e-commerce profits. That's a departure from the typical arrangement, in which agencies charge fees based on the full-time employees on the account, and more traditional performance-based compensation schemes, in which which agencies sometimes get bonuses tied to marketing-specific results or even sales.
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18 days ago by dancall
The Future Of Advertising: Lean, Nimble, Agile - Forbes
Instagram has 200 million users and 45 employees, scale becomes irrelevant
23 days ago by lgalli
As Market Shifts, Digital Agencies Restructure - BoF - The Business of Fashion
Agency of the Future? @BOF "As Market Shifts, Digital Agencies Restructure" via @LenahLang
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26 days ago by iancrocombe
Outside Voices: Is the Agency of Record concept DOA? - CMO Today - WSJ
It’s time to accept that the Agency of Record model is no longer the pathway to Oz for clients or agencies. As my colleague in Latin America put it: “Isn’t that dead already?” And industry leaders concur that the old way of working is not built to last.
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27 days ago by dancall

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