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'It's unnatural': What agency creatives really think about vertical video - Digiday
Ben James, executive creative director at JWT New York, said that his big aha moment came when he talked to Zack Roif, an art director with 70,000 Instagram followers. James used to think building an audience on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram was about when to post and how. Then, he said, he realized it was about creatively using the platform — vertical or not. “We started talking about a feature film shot in vertical. I don’t think I would like that,” he said. “But he really wants to see one. And he’s a millennial, so it’ll happen sooner or later.”

“Anyone obsessing over the limitations of mobile vertical doesn’t have enough to do,” said FCB Chicago creative chief Todd Tilford, who said that while plenty of people may whine over its perceived limitations, there are new creative uses for it.
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Not at Cannes? This Twitter Cannes Blocker Might Make You Feel Better - Interactive (video) - Creativity Online
Cannescellation is a Chrome extension that replaces any Cannes-related content in the Twitter timeline with a video of the offending tweet being destroyed. As Mike Takasaki, associate creative director at Union explained a statement: "For the past few years, as soon as Cannes starts, my Twitter timeline has become nothing but shots of people on boats, people drinking rose, people flaunting what a great time they're having. We wanted to do something for all the people stuck back at the office covering for them." - via Nadine Young
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Cannes You Please Shut Up?
Dear Big Agency - Your tweets are terrible. Please Stop.
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Snapchat Joins Daily Mail and WPP Agency in Marketing Venture - The New York Times
Snapchat is teaming up with the advertising conglomerate WPP and the Daily Mail website to form a new company, called Truffle Pig, that will create social content for brands.
The venture, announced Tuesday on the Daily Mail yacht during the Cannes Lions advertising festival here, is the latest attempt to capitalize on a desire among marketers for campaigns that reach young consumers and look less like traditional ads. Truffle Pig aspires to appeal to brands by offering a combination of WPP’s advertising expertise, Snapchat’s social reach and The Daily Mail’s news coverage.
“It is creating the content, understanding mass audience, which Daily Mail brings, and what it’s like to be fluent in millennials, which is what Snapchat is,” Alexander Jutkowitz, the chief executive of Truffle Pig, said in an interview. “This is the only place where we’ve been able to bring all of this together in one place.”
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Why Talented Creatives Are Leaving Your Shitty Agency | Mobile Inc
via Pocket - Why Talented Creatives Are Leaving Your Shitty Agency - Added June 11, 2015 at 09:16AM
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