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Social Media for Travel Brands - We Are Social UK
Singapore Tourism Board (STB) recently commissioned We Are Social to investigate the emerging trends shaping people's use of social media in relation to travel. We uncovered a number of interesting trends that we think will be relevant to all marketers – regardless of which industry they work in – so Singapore Tourism Board have been kind enough to let us share our key findings here.

We shared our findings in a presentation that I gave to a couple of hundred marketers at STB's recent Marketing Lab in Singapore; you can read the full presentation in the SlideShare embed above (or read it here if that's not working for you), but we thought it might be helpful to share some additional insights too, so read on below for some even richer context.
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6 days ago by dancall
Curiosity Stop Special: Chat Bots - We Are Social UK
Chat bots. They don’t sound very sexy, but are the hot topic following the F8 announcement that Facebook would allow (hell, encourage) developers to create automated apps within Messenger. This time next year, we won’t be able to move for bots (*shudders*), which is why you should embrace bot life right NOW - starting with our lowdown on those that have already landed in the artificially intelligent universe.
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6 days ago by dancall
Why British ad agencies fear leaving the European Union - Digiday
Another cause for concern is the mobility of talent in the industry. “It won’t be any easier for us to hire talent from Europe,” said Mark Syal, joint managing director of Essence. Indeed, at agency Maxus, 20 percent of U.K. colleagues are from outside the U.K. Agency CEO Lindsay Pattison told Digiday that Brexit “is concerning our people because our employees are motivated to travel around and experience new things. The U.K. is an attractive place to come and work.”
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10 days ago by dancall
Our story | little blue cats
We deliver digital intelligence. We understand how to use digital to maximize growth potential, employee retention and brand awareness. 
When you come to us, it's not about SEO, Social Media or Programming. 
You come to us to find a growth partner, someone who will help you connect the dots in your business structure and drive it to the next level.
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10 days ago by dancall
ADV/web-engineering co. – разработка и создание сайтов, поддержка и развитие сайтов клиента, привлечение целевой аудитории
Компания ADV предоставляет полный цикл услуг по разработке, созданию, поддержке и развитию Интернет/Интранет проектов. Мы работаем на рынке с 1997 года. Наша главная цель в работе - эффективный проект. Наша визитная карточка - неизменное гарантированное качество. Оказываемые нами услуги: разработка и создание сайта, разработка дизайна, поддержка сайта, разработка корпоративных информационных систем, программирование, контекстная реклама и поисковая оптимизация.
17 days ago by anpan
КайКом - Проектирование и разработка комплексных интернет-проектов и мобильных стартапов, запуск и продвижение
Проектирование и разработка комплексных интернет-проектов и мобильных стартапов, запуск и продвижение
17 days ago by anpan
Death and Taxes: Three Top Design Firms Rebrand the IRS
We invited three top design firms to give the tax agency a new public face. Here are their rebrands.
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17 days ago by joeo10
Xaxis bets big on native naming Nicholas Bidon as Plista CEO ahead of global rollout | The Drum
Native advertising is forecast as one of the large growth areas in the digital advertising space, and Group M’s ad tech hub Xaxis has today (12 April) underlined its intention to take advantage of this trend by announcing that Plista will sit within its specialist ad tech Xaxis.  

A little over two years after purchasing Germany-based Plista, WPP is now positioning Plista as a native ad specialist and placed it within its programmatic advertising specialist unit Xaxis, with Nicolas Bidon, formerly UK managing director of Xaxis, has now named as its global CEO of Plista.
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22 days ago by dancall
Martin Sorrell Quits Advertising | ASABAILEY
via Pocket - Martin Sorrell Quits the Advertising Business - Added April 12, 2016 at 10:31PM
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23 days ago by lgalli
This Agency Is 30% More Productive Since It Started Using Chat Software to Connect With Clients | Adweek
"There's this ecosystem of all different services, bots or integrations that you can plug into Slack. That makes it pretty different from other collaboration platforms," said Nick Coronges, R/GA's chief technology officer. "Because you're getting so much more done through this instantaneous messaging, there's less of a need to have very frequent or daily check-ins where you sit down and go over what's going on."
R/GA built a Slack bot that plugs into the agency's directory of names. Staffers can ask the bot to search for people by name, skill set or experience when staffing a project.
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24 days ago by dancall
Is Agile Harder for Agencies? ◆ 24 ways
alternative ways to structure the product owner role
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27 days ago by starpause
Video On Twitter, Other Social Platforms Requires More Creative Approach To Story Telling: GroupM | Beet.TV
He suggests it’s time to start thinking about 10-second commercials “made for their own integrity” as opposed to trimming traditional 30-second spots.
“It’s difficult to stick the ad products of the past in the containers of the present,” Norman says during an interview at the annual Transformation conference of the American Association of Advertising Agencies.
Shorter term, Norman is heartened by what he sees in the first level of results about viewability of ads on social media platforms, as well as the issue of fraud.
“The thing that excites us about it is we’re seeing extremely high percentages of human traffic and extremely high viewability, or at least confirmation of ads in the viewable window,” Norman says. “What we’re not seeing so much is duration of views, which is kind of what we expected.”
This poses a challenge for the creative assets at the disposal of brand marketers. Video ads that do not have a strong beginning hook that can snag viewers into an extended view will need to create “pieces of the proposition, pieces of that brand communication, and let the viewer assemble it over time in much more increments of time,” says Norman.
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27 days ago by dancall
360i Launches New Program to Equip All Nonprofits With Digital and Social Media Skills | Adweek
The Digital Education for Nonprofits, or The den, is a free program developed by the 360i staff. The event, which will be held in New York on May 12, invites any and all nonprofits to attend. At the end of the day, the hope is that 360i will be able to help them learn how to connect with and tap into millennial donors, which social networks will deliver the best results and how to leverage influencers for your nonprofit.
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28 days ago by dancall

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