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Online pornography age checks to be mandatory in UK from 15 July • The Guardian
Alex Hern:
<p>From that date, commercial providers of online pornography will be required to carry out “robust” age verification checks on users, in order to keep children from accessing adult content.

Websites that refuse to implement the checks face being blocked by UK internet service providers or having their access to payment services withdrawn.

The digital minister, Margot James, welcomed the introduction of the rules, saying: “Adult content is currently far too easy for children to access online. The introduction of mandatory age verification is a world first, and we’ve taken the time to balance privacy concerns with the need to protect children from inappropriate content. We want the UK to be the safest place in the world to be online, and these new laws will help us achieve this.”

Will Gardner, the chief executive of Childnet, said: “We hope that the introduction of this age verification will help in protecting children, making it harder for young people to accidentally come across online pornography, as well as bringing in the same protections that we use offline to protect children from age-restricted goods or services.”

Some campaigners have criticised the laws’ potential effectiveness. The government was forced to exempt large social media sites from the ban owing to fears that a strict implementation would result in sites including Twitter, Reddit, Imgur and Tumblr being blocked for adult content.

Additionally, concerns have been raised that the laws could result in the creation of a database of the UK’s porn viewers, which would pose a privacy problem if it were to ever leak.</p>

Well this is going to cause a LOT of fun when, for all sorts of reasons, it goes wrong. Though you won't hear from adults complaining they were blocked wrongly; only about kids wrongly allowed to access. (You can figure out why.)
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5 days ago by charlesarthur
AI-driven NLP services and applications - Textgain
Gain a unique advantage with our Natural Language Processing tools for GDPR-compliant user profiling, content extraction and sentiment analysis.
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14 days ago by kpieper876
Manvi on Twitter: "Beautiful ♥️… "
"Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art."
— Stanislaw Jerzy Lec
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16 days ago by bekishore
Get Wiser on Twitter: "Buddha was asked: “What have you gained from meditation?” He replied: “Nothing! However, let me tell you what I have lost: Anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death.” - @Kpaxs"
Buddha was asked: “What have you gained from meditation?” He replied: “Nothing! However, let me tell you what I have lost: Anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age and death.” - @Kpaxs
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18 days ago by bekishore

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