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Introduction to Univalent Foundations of Mathematics with Agda
Introduction to Univalent Foundations of Mathematics with Agda. ~ Martín Hötzel Escardó.
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Quantifiers in Agda
Quantifiers in Agda. ~ Vladimir Ciobanu.
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Programming Language Foundations in Agda
This book is an introduction to programming language theory using the proof assistant Agda.

Comments on all matters—organisation, material to add, material to remove, parts that require better explanation, good exercises, errors, and typos—are welcome. The book repository is on GitHub. Pull requests are encouraged.

Front matter
Part 1: Logical Foundations
Naturals: Natural numbers
Induction: Proof by induction
Relations: Inductive definition of relations
Equality: Equality and equational reasoning
Isomorphism: Isomorphism and embedding
Connectives: Conjunction, disjunction, and implication
Negation: Negation, with intuitionistic and classical logic
Quantifiers: Universals and existentials
Decidable: Booleans and decision procedures
Lists: Lists and higher-order functions
Part 2: Programming Language Foundations
Lambda: Introduction to Lambda Calculus
Properties: Progress and Preservation
DeBruijn: Inherently typed De Bruijn representation
More: Additional constructs of simply-typed lambda calculus
Bisimulation : Relating reductions systems
Inference: Bidirectional type inference
Untyped: Untyped lambda calculus with full normalisation
Fonts: Test page for fonts
Statistics: Line counts for each chapter
A paper describing the book appears in SBMF.
Courses taught from the textbook:
Philip Wadler, University of Edinburgh, 2018
David Darais, Un
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