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A pure function does no funny business — Simplicial
A "pure function" is one which considers only its arguments and shares information only through its return value, but, come on, what does that really mean?
functional  programming  pure  function  advocacy 
yesterday by gilberto5757
Should I encourage people to use the localized versions of SO? - Meta Stack Overflow
As a native Russian speaker I cannot double this highly enough. Yes, there obviously are lots of non-English-speaking people here, but there are a couple of areas where without learning to at least read English well enough you'll never get above middle programmer or equivalent position.
advocacy  English  software  development 
6 days ago by dandv
Small Functions considered Harmful – Cindy Sridharan – Medium
— Shed light on some of the presumed benefits of small functions
— Explain why I personally think some of the benefits don’t really pan out as well as advertised
— Explain why small functions can…
programming  long  function  meaningful  advocacy 
7 days ago by gilberto5757
How two software development principles can save your project
In this post I will focus on explaining how one Design Pattern (Inversion Of Control) and one Practice (YAGNI) can reduce the possibility of having a failed software project. You can start applying…
yagni  ioc  advocacy  work  organization  programmer 
8 days ago by gilberto5757
Stop Designing Bike-Friendly Cities Only for Wealthy White Cyclists - CityLab
Bike equity is a powerful tool for reducing inequality. Too often, cycling infrastructure is tailored only to wealthy white cyclists.
politics  bicycle  cycling  urban  planning  advocacy  classism  wealth  bikelane  infrastructure 
9 days ago by ivar
How the BBC Visual and Data Journalism team works with graphics in R
Describes how the got into R, developed and house style, and collaborate on a how-to recipe book
ddj  bestpractice  ggplot  BBC  advocacy  from twitter
11 days ago by psychemedia
Choose Boring Technology
Dan McKinley’s infamous essay in presentation form (slides and transcript).
dev  advocacy  architecture 
13 days ago by barryf

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