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The Clown is just someone else's computer and they can and will fuck you. If it's not on your computer, it's not under your control. Why do you all keep doing this to yourselves??

Stop hitting yourself. Seriously, stop it.
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Against Self-Righteousness: Anne Lamott on Forgiveness, Self-Forgiveness, and the Relationship Between Brokenness and Joy – Brain Pickings
"Almost everyone is screwed up, broken, clingy, scared, and yet designed for joy. Even (or especially) people who seem to have it more or less together are more like the rest of us than you would believe. I try not to compare my insides to their outsides, because this makes me much worse than I already am, and if I get to know them, they turn out to have plenty of irritability and shadow of their own. Besides, those few people who aren’t a mess are probably good for about twenty minutes of dinner conversation.”
7 hours ago by JohnDrake
Writing things down (how to know what to do next) | manythingsblog
TL/DR: Choices causing distress? Write down your biggest worry. Question it. Repeat until you know what to do. If what you’re doing makes…
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RT : Are you an and do you want some on how the or can your ? Come t…
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How I Did It: John Bogle of the Vanguard Group |
"Saint Jack" picked a fight with an industry--and created a mutual fund powerhouse.
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