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Cloudburst (2011)
An old lady breaks her longtime partner out of a nursing home and they take off on a road trip to Canada to get married. Hysterically funny and touching. Warning for some mild consent issues framed as humor (drug cavity search, accidental invasion of personal space). The one thing I really don't like about this is one of the main characters fatshaming her partner. If you want to avoid the character death, just stop watching when they're in the car after getting married--it doesn't take anything away from the movie to pretend it ends there.
comedy  drama  adventure  unrated  modern  f/f  white  canada  english  found family  older main characters  fatphobia  queer character death  disabled main character  established relationship  road trip 
1 hour ago by franklymyqueeridontgiveadamn
TextWorld - Microsoft Research
Microsoft TextWorld is an open-source, extensible engine that both generates and simulates text games. You can use it to train reinforcement learning (RL) agents to learn skills such as language understanding and grounding, combined with sequential decision making.
games  ai  fun  datascience  Microsoft  adventure 
yesterday by zeevb
Bad Blood/Free Solo/Sunday Soother | Cool Tools
Bad Blood
My wife and I tore through John Carreyrou’s Bad Blood. It’s the story of Theranos, the fraudulent Silicon Valley startup that promised to revolutionize health but instead perpetrated a potentially murderous scam. The founder surrounded herself with ultrarich powerful people who were blind to obvious warning signs because they were so enamored with the idea that they were going to make billions of dollars. This real-life tale beats any fictional corporate thriller. — MF
Maniacal performance
The fantastic documentary Free Solo deserves all praise it has received, including its recent Oscar. The film follows one guy’s attempt to climb the vertical face of Yosemite’s El Capitan without ropes. A single slip he dies. I could barely watch it, it was that crazy good. As the climber’s friend put it: this demands an Olympic gold medal performance, except here, if you don’t get the gold, you die. The film has suspense, drama, emotion, and explores maniacal obsession and perfection. Five stars. Now streamable. — KK
cool_tools  adventure  tv  streaming  books  business  thriller 
5 days ago by rgl7194
A Three-Day Expedition To Walk Across Paris Entirely Underground
To wander through the catacombs is to feel yourself inside of a mystery novel, full of false walls and trapdoors and secret chutes, each leading to another hidden chamber, containing another surprise. Down one passageway, you might find a chamber containing a sprawling Boschian mural that cataphiles had been gradually embellishing for decades; down another, you might see a life-size sculpture of a man half inside a stone wall, as though stepping in from the beyond; down yet another, you might encounter a place that upends your very sense of reality. In 2004, a squadron of cataflics on patrol in the quarries broke through a false wall, entered a large, cavernous space, and blinked in disbelief. It was a movie theater. A group of cataphiles had installed stone-carved seating for twenty people, a large screen, and a projector, along with at least three phone lines. Adjacent to the screening room were a bar, lounge, workshop, and small dining room. Three days later, when the police returned to investigate, they found the equipment dismantled, the space bare, except for a note: “Do not try to find us.”
adventure  Paris  catacombs  cataphiles  urban-mobility  traverse  underground 
9 days ago by zzkt
A Three-Day Expedition To Walk Across Paris Entirely Underground
The tunnel we dropped into was narrow and low, with walls of raw, clammy stone. I slung my pack around to my chest and crawled on all fours, my back scraping against the rocky ceiling, while cold water sloshed around my hands and knees, soaking me to the skin. The stone gave off an earthy, almost pastoral aroma, like rain-soaked chalk. Our headlamp beams flitted in an arrhythmic strobe. So abrupt was the feeling of departure from the surface, we might as well have been at the bottom of the ocean. The honking of cars on the street, the rattle of the tram on avenue du Général Leclerc, the murmur of Parisians smoking under the awnings of brasseries — all were stamped out.
cities  adventure  writing 
9 days ago by JohnDrake
Aikyudo - Durga
"When you need to punish someone, you never go after their own life. They've made peace with their wrong doings, ready to accept whatever fate is to befall them. No, you go after their family ensuring innocent blood will be spilled."

After Izuku has been punished to live cursed as a living sword for 300 years, he encounters, perhaps for the second time in his life, the love of his life. Unfortunately, he's still stuck as a sword, but even if he can never reveal his true feelings, at least he still gets to watch.
fandom:My_Hero_Academia  year:2019  Rating:Explicit  pairing:Katsuki/Izuku  fantasy  pining  adventure  slow-build  WIP  words:25.000-30.000 
10 days ago by hear-the-rain
Solo Atlantic rower's lost boat found in Norway - BBC News
Duncan Hutchison had not seen the craft since September when he was rescued while trying to cross the Atlantic.
adventure  oceans  norway  scotland  rowing 
11 days ago by pozorvlak
The Interview: Ranulph Fiennes on sawing off his fingers and sleeping in cars | The Sunday Times Magazine | The Sunday Times
Sir Ranulph Fiennes is the only human being to have crossed Antarctica and the Arctic Ocean and climbed Everest. His other claim to fame, apart from being a distant cousin of the royals, is that he was narrowly beaten by Roger Moore to play James Bond. Given his achievements, he’ll surely be chauffe
expedition  adventure  aging  arctic  Eiger  antarctica 
11 days ago by pozorvlak
Benefits of Moving Abroad on Your Own
4 Proven Benefits of Moving Abroad on Your Own #MillionaireMob
moving  abroad  travel  explore  wanderlust  adventure  money  digital  nomad  MillionaireMob 
14 days ago by famousbrownbear
(2) Why safe playgrounds aren't great for kids - YouTube
Great video about how we're probably making the world too safe for kids who can no longer experiment and find their own limits.
psychology  risk  safety  playground  children  play  adventure  learning  edication  family  kids 
18 days ago by rwintle

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