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Pipits for Perch
Some Addons for Perch. A couple of poss useful ones for Shop: "Display similar products", and "User-filtered product listing". Makes the "Catalog" App
perch  addon  plugin  cms  app  ecommerce 
11 hours ago by piperh
The Complete Perch SEO App | Chirp
A 3rd-party addon for Perch. Looks iffy to me, but perhaps it has it's uses
perch  cms  addon  seo 
11 hours ago by piperh
An HTTP Web Server for Chrome
an HTTP web server for Chrome (chrome.sockets). Useful for doing some basic web development as an alternative to python -m SimpleHTTPServer. But it can also be used for quick file sharing over a local network.
chrome  webdevelopment  addon  webservices  server  google 
26 days ago by cyberchucktx

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