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Partners Invite Community to Share Thoughts, Learn and Make a Difference
"London and Middlesex County residents will soon have the opportunity to comment on the draft recommendations that will form the foundation of a long-term, comprehensive strategy to address local substance use."
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Break up with your smartphone - Vox
Practical advice on ending your toxic relationship with your phone.
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Johann Hari: ‘I failed badly. When you harm people, you should shut up, go away and reflect on what happened' | Media | The Guardian
Hari’s book turns out to be a page-turner, full of astonishing revelations. I had no idea that the war on drugs was single-handedly invented by a racist ex-prohibition agent, who needed to find a new problem big enough to protect his departmental budget. One of the first victims of his ambition was Billie Holiday, whose heroin addiction enraged him to the point where he hounded her to death. After he’d had the singer jailed for drugs, she was stripped of her performing licence, and as she unravelled into destitution and despair, his agents continued to harass her, even summoning a grand jury to indict her as she lay dying under police guard in a hospital bed.

Addiction is an adaptation to your environment. It’s not you; it’s the cage you live in.”

If you tell a detailed personal story about yourself, you’re inherently asking people to sympathise with you, and actually I don’t think people should be sympathetic to me. I’m ashamed of what I did. I did some things that were really nasty and cruel.”
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The welfare implications of addictive substances: A longitudinal study of life satisfaction of drug users - ScienceDirect
"This paper provides an empirical test of the rational addiction model, used in economics to model individuals’ consumption of addictive substances, versus the utility misprediction model, used in psychology to explain the discrepancy between people’s decision and their subsequent experiences. By exploiting a unique data set of disadvantaged Australians, we provide longitudinal evidence that a drop in life satisfaction tends to precede the use of illegal/street drugs. We also find that the abuse of alcohol, the daily use of cannabis and the weekly use of illegal/street drugs in the past 6 months relate to lower current levels of life satisfaction. This provides empirical support for the utility misprediction model. Further, we find that the decrease in life satisfaction following the consumption of illegal/street drugs persists 6 months to a year after use. In contrast, the consumption of cigarettes is unrelated to life satisfaction in the close past or the near future. Our results, though only illustrative, suggest that measures of individual’s subjective wellbeing should be examined together with data on revealed preferences when testing models of rational decision-making."
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5 days ago by MarcK
Developing a comprehensive school program to prevent substance misuse and build resilience
"Many of the existing programs that are offered to students do not address both substance-use and mental health literacy. Research shows that the underlying success factors behind mental health, alcohol, and other substance misuse prevention programs are very similar. The most effective programs build personal and social skills, such as decision-making, and address social norms around mental health, alcohol, and substance use."
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Handing out naloxone doesn’t fix opioid crisis
"Buchman and co-authors explore the history of take-home naloxone, showing that the intervention was developed to sidestep the stigma of opioid addiction and overdose. They argue that sidestepping stigma and marginalization doesn’t always overcome those problems."
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RT : Huge thanks to for publishing my work on &

"Addiction is an indiscriminate dis…
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