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Environment, tribal groups rally to fight Line 3 oil pipeline | MPR News | May 19, 2018
With just weeks left before Minnesota regulators decide the fate of Enbridge Energy's contentious Line 3 oil pipeline proposal, activists are gearing up their years-long fight against the project. Climate activist Akilah Sanders-Reed ‘16 was there and was interviewed.
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2 days ago by macalestercollege
Excerpt from "This I believe" the credo for @UDCLaw
RT : An excerpt from “This I Believe,” the credo for , written by Edgar & Jean Cahn. This section moved me deeply…
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3 days ago by bonni208
The guerilla cyclists solving urban problems | Kieran Smith | Environment | The Guardian
From pop-up bike lanes to painted potholes, here are the imaginative ways frustrated cyclists are taking action to create a safer environment
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3 days ago by ssorc
Florian Born | Auto-Complain
Every cyclist hates potholes in the streets. But complaining about them via the official way can be extremely time-consuming and annoying. Bureaucracy often leads to a dead end and involves a lot of paperwork. Auto-Complain offers the possibility to automate the act of demanding road renovations by using a simple app.
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3 days ago by ssorc
Patagonia v. Trump - The New York Times
The outdoor retailer has supported grass-roots environmental activists for decades. Now it is suing the president in a bid to protect Bears Ears National Monument.
activism  ecology  business 
6 days ago by lehmannro
As Russia’s government effort to ban Telegram falters, digital activists are pranking the censorship agency
Russia’s so-called “Digital Resistance” has struck out against the country’s internet blacklist, an ever-growing list of websites censored by the Russian government.
Since April 16, Russia’s media regulatory agency Roskomnadzor has been trying — with mixed results — to block Telegram, a popular mobile messaging service. Since then, the blacklist, or registry of blocked websites, has grown and shrunk many times.
The collateral damage of their approach has been enormous. Millions of unrelated IP addresses and internet services were blocked when the agency went after internet cloud services that are used by Telegram and plenty of other products, a move that some say could cost Russian businesses up to one billion dollars. Roskomnadzor began removing addresses from the blacklist on May 8, in what appeared to be a tacit acknowledgement of defeat.
Over the past several days, independent developers have created a live-tracker that is showing how many IP addresses are currently being blocked in Russia.
Early on May 5, the tracker registered a curious phenomenon: the total number of blocked IP addresses continuously fluctuated between exactly 47,000 and 55,000. Intrepid observers noticed that this repeating pattern was actually Morse code. The reading spelled out: “Digital Resistance.”
russia  activism  hack  security  privacy 
7 days ago by rgl7194

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