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Voice One - The Leading Voice Over Training School in SF
With our combination of foundational and specialty classes, Voice One is the leading voice over training school in San Francisco and have created distinct voices for over 30 years.
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6 days ago by l301001
Bill Hader Kills | The New Yorker
But Hader had profoundly ambivalent feelings about being on “S.N.L.”: he was terrified of live performance, and his goal has always been to write and direct films that he’s not in. As an interim step, he cast himself on “Barry” as an actor who can’t act, and surrounded himself with characters who embody aspects of his personality. Barry is pulled in one direction by Monroe Fuches, a facile blowhard who books Barry’s hits and works every angle to keep him killing, and by NoHo Hank, a timid, malaprop-prone Chechen mobster besotted with Barry’s lethal skills. He’s pulled in another by Gene Cousineau, the narcissistic coach of his acting class, and by his girlfriend, Sally Reed, a talented but even more narcissistic actress in the class, who encourages Barry to open up but can’t really do it herself. Hader wouldn’t have to dazzle as an actor—he’d be the dense nucleus at the center of the show’s fizzy electrons. Then he won an Emmy for his acting.

n his mid-twenties, Hader was dangling from the lowest rungs of the entertainment ladder when he was scooped up by “Saturday Night Live.” When I asked where he would have been on “Barry” ’s set in those years, he shuddered and said, “I’d be wearing a reflective vest and standing in the parking lot.”
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8 days ago by craniac
Glass interviews actor Ross Butler – The Glass Magazine
I never tried acting after that until I turned 21, when my good friend bought me an acting class for 25 bucks because he had a feeling I’d like it. And he was right. It honestly was one of those cliché moments where I felt everything align.


Growing up, did the lack of Asian roles in the US media affect your acting ambitions, and, if so, how?
Of course, not seeing representatives of who you are, in the field of work you want to be in, makes you think you can’t do it. However, it also put a fire in my belly necessary to book an acting job.
Did you face any challenges in auditioning for roles not specifically written for Asian actors?
At first, I was self-conscious about being the only ethnic person in the room. Nerves got to me a lot early on. I also found myself not going out on nearly as many auditions as my white friends, and that was disheartening. I was also dealing with a lot of rejection because I hadn’t quite refined my craft and I was not what Hollywood was looking for. The first few years were tough.
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13 days ago by lwhlihu
Beautiful People: Ross Butler Is Redefining the Asian American Dream - PAPER
He's had quite a journey to get to where he is now, acting in student films and in Disney Channel shows before landing roles on Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why, and is passionate about bringing as much nuance and humanity to his characters as possible, deeply considering what motivates them and how they navigate through their emotionally fraught high school environments.

After that initial class, he acted in student films and low budget projects. For a few years, there was a lot of financial insecurity and familial stress surrounding his career choice. His mother wanted him to be an engineer, which he had studied for a year at Ohio State, and didn't support his decision to move to California. Though they are on good terms now, there were a few years when the two didn't speak because she saw acting as, "as insecure and frivolous and not a way [he] could support [himself.]"

Butler and I, both Asian-American children to parents and communities that emphasize academic excellence in science and engineering, also recognize that our families' aversion to financially insecure jobs like acting or writing is deeply cultural and, to an extent, practical. Butler said that while pursuing his dreams as an actor, he grappled with the question, "How do I make my dreams fit into the Asian cultural dream? How do I make these two worlds meet?" It's a question a lot of us grapple with, knowing our parents want the best for us and often worked hard so that we have the privilege of choosing a career path different from theirs, while still wishing they were more supportive of our decisions.

He added that he wished he had found ways to pursue creative endeavors earlier in life, saying, "I think the problem isn't necessarily the decision to go into the arts. The problem is allowing Asian American kids to be creative at a younger age so that a choice down this path doesn't seem so radical or out of the ordinary. Because if I had started earlier, I can't speak to how history would have changed, but the transition may have been earlier. "

The general lack of representation of Asian American narratives also makes it harder to see ourselves thriving as anything other than doctors, lawyers, or engineers. Butler was born in Singapore and raised in America, and feels that narratives like his are central to the fabric of American life, but are often overlooked, telling me, "I moved to America when I was 4 and I went to American public school. I grew up around American kids and I'm an American. I was raised in this culture. Telling that story isn't that hard. My mom brought her background of academic strictness, but that didn't define who I was. It's an attribute just like all white Americans have their own unique attributes. Growing up, I wish I had seen the stories I saw, just with Asian characters. I wish there was an Asian version of Tom Hanks, or an Asian American version of Ryan Gosling."

But, despite the hurdles he faced early on, Butler's decision to stick with acting ultimately paid off. He landed roles in Disney Channel shows like KC Undercover and Teen Beach 2. Working with 17-year-old Disney Channel stars "who had been working their whole lives" at the age of 23 was intimidating at first for Butler, but ultimately led to an important turning point in his career. Around that the time he began working with Disney, he felt more confident and "started talking about acting less as a hobby and more as a business."
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13 days ago by lwhlihu
Michael J. Fox on Parkinson’s, Taking the Wrong Roles and Staying Positive - The New York Times
Let me tell you one without saying a name. I did a movie with this actor; we’d rehearse scenes one way, and then when we were shooting he’d do beats that I’d done in rehearsal. It was frustrating, and I ended up calling Michael Caine for advice. He gave me a strategy for how to deal with it, which is: do my take last. It was one of the first times I ran into an actor who was competitive.
15 days ago by craniac
Meg Ryan on Romantic Comedies, Celebrity and Leaving It All Behind - The New York Times
I know you’re being humble, but you deflected my question. What about you and charm? I never thought about it like, “I’m going to turn the charm on.” Early on, I didn’t have a lot of acting technique. What I thought about was trying to tell the truth.4
Ryan’s interest in truth-telling wasn’t limited to acting. She was also a journalism major at N.Y.U.
The camera is a truth machine, and it knows everything you’re thinking, so you don’t have to pretend anything. You just have to make it true somewhere inside.
4 weeks ago by craniac
Alex Landi: Breaking New Ground | DA MAN Magazine
DA: By the way, can you also tell us how you were initially cast as Dr. Kim in the show?

AL: It started with a self-tape in New York. I heard back from the producers that same night and I flew out to L.A. that very night on a red-eye flight. I met with [executive producer] Krista Vernoff and casting started the next day. I learned that I booked the role later that afternoon.
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4 weeks ago by lwhlihu
Miles Jupp: my double life as Mr Banks from Mary Poppins | Stage | The Guardian
Having been repeatedly told that he looks like David Tomlinson, Miles Jupp now finds himself playing the mildly aristocratic character actor
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5 weeks ago by tonys
Guildhall School of Music & Drama | Home
The Guildhall School is a vibrant, international community of young musicians, actors and production artists in the heart of the City of London.
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