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Wessex Pictures | The UK's no. 1 Picture Framing Wholesaler
Wessex Pictures is the UK's No.1 regional picture frame wholesaler. We have a wide range of products including mount boards, dry mounting and glass.
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2 days ago by asaltydog
WASD Keyboards CODE V3 104-Key Mechanical Keyboard - Cherry MX Brown PRE-ORDER - CODE Keyboard - Products
The CODE keyboard is the result of a collaboration between WASD Keyboards and Jeff “Coding Horror” Atwood.
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6 days ago by siggiarni
The 2020 Toyota Supra - Toyota Racing Development Concept
Power gains and a fat rear wing are still up in the air.
Toyota Racing Development made this special Supra TRD Performance Line concept for the specialty auto show at Osaka, Japan.
The restyled version of the just-introduced 2020 Toyota Supra features a matte gray paint job and special 19-inch black wheels.
It also gets carbon-fiber trim, revised side skirts, and a special ducktail spoiler—but no confirmation of a production version to come.
While the internet was busy fantasizing about how the 2020 Toyota Supra would look with previous-gen A80 Supra parts, Toyota Racing Development (TRD) was readying its own modded Supra for the Osaka Automesse show. The result? You'll need to wear a heavy thinking cap to spot the old Supra's big wing and round taillights, because they're still not here.
Created specially for this show, which is Japan's twist on SEMA, the Supra TRD Performance Line concept is a mild restyling of an already heavily styled sports car. Matte gray paint (similar to, or perhaps the same as, the Phantom Matte Gray that debuted at the Detroit auto show in January) and forged 19-inch black wheels with thin spokes are most apparent, but the best news is that TRD replaced two of the Supra's many fake air vents with solid carbon-fiber trim. It calls them "door garnishes." They cover the stock "vents" on the rear portions of both doors.
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6 days ago by rgl7194

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