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“Is text sizing dead?”, by Alastair Campbell
I’m one of the many people working on WCAG 2.1, and specifically with people from the Low Vision Task Force (LVTF), most of whom are people with low vision (and very knowledgeable on the research for this group). There’s a ton of documentation being prepared, but I thought a little insight into this process would help, and perhaps a click-bait headline to help get it around?

Busting myths around ems, text sizing, and accessibility.
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CSS file intends to warn developers about possible risks and mistakes that exist in HTML code
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Create audio transcripts fast with Trint
Positive review from Jason Snell: "What makes Trint different is probably not its text-conversion engine—it’s the web app that the service has built around the engine. When you upload an MP3 file to Trint, it converts it to text and puts the result in a web-based editor that’s synced directly with the timestamps of the audio file."
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