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Don’t Use The Placeholder Attribute — Smashing Magazine
Don’t Use The Placeholder Attribute Good front-end solutions take advantage of special input attributes and accommodating validation practices to prevent offloading the extra work onto the person who simply just wants to use your site or app with as little complication as possible. via Pocket
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Great talk about by ! Quick wins to make the web great for everyone!
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How to test accessibility of emails – Campaign Monitor Engineering
It’s no wonder people often put this type of testing in the too-hard basket. However if you start with testing with vision impairments in mind you should be able to get a good return on investment towards a more inclusive experience.
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Dealing with Ambiguity in Accessibility - Jonathan Hassell
One of the problems with WCAG is that it encourages you to learn to blindly follow an accessibility checklist rather than look deeper to create accessible experiences for disabled and older people, which should be the aim.

While this may not initially seem like a problem, the reality is that, once you start applying WCAG, you quickly find that there are lots of grey areas in it, and that there are a host of accessibility experts forever arguing over what rules should be applied when to achieve accessibility.

What started out as a clear set of rules to cover your organization from accessibility risk, and open up potential new audiences, is gradually revealed as the tip of an accessibility iceberg that is more complex, because it’s actually about how to consistently help real people get good user-experiences of your products, which are tracking the constant changes in digital technology.

Very quickly, you realise that you need to learn WCAG’s strengths and weaknesses, and move beyond it into how to handle ambiguity around the edges of our knowledge of accessibility. You need to become comfortable and confident in finding other sources of best-practice to help you make ‘justifiable decisions’ about accessibility for the specific products you are creating, in the countries, cultures and contexts you are creating them.
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