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Headers and Labels
How @meyerweb tightened up the accessibility of his headings and navigation labels.
newtoa11y  a11y  accessibility  aria  headings  labels 
3 hours ago by laurakalbag
Colour Contrast Check -
The Colour Contrast Check Tool allows to specify a foreground and a background colour and determine if they provide enough of a contrast "when viewed by someone having color deficits or when viewed on a black and white screen"[W3C].
13 hours ago by brownstudy
pdftex - A guide on how to produce accessible PDF files? - TeX - LaTeX Stack Exchange
See ac­cess PDF fea­tures topic on CTAN. May be too obvious, but probably the best solution at least for a highly formated PDF is attach a plain text version that can be easily reproduced by some text-to-speech system as festival or even a script for lauch this program easily. – Fran Aug 20 '15 at 19:54
latex  accessibility  pdf 
17 hours ago by brownstudy
More of an accessibility checklist, not a Drupal-focused checklist
20 hours ago by redcrew
Improving the Accessibility of 24 ways | CSS-Tricks
In this article, I will cover five areas where I was able to make improvements:

Page structure
Labelling of elements
Keyboard navigation
Aural experience
General usability
accessibility  design  webdesign 
21 hours ago by tero
Love the energy and passion at the @ANZ_AU Contact Centre #accessibility Marketplace today. Simply amazing and ins…
– Sanjeeva07 (sanjeeva07)  accessibility 
23 hours ago by danielameleo

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