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Aequitas – Center for Data Science and Public Policy
An open source bias audit toolkit for machine learning developers, analysts, and policymakers to audit machine learning models for discrimination and bias, and make informed and equitable decisions around developing and deploying predictive risk-assessment tools.
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Cornell Professors Contribute to the Growing Narrative on Slavery and Capitalism | The Cornell Daily Sun
Prof. Edward Baptist, history, focuses his research on the history of enslavement of African Americans in the south. His recent book, The Half Has Never Been Told, examines how the expansion of slavery helped fuel the evolution of the modern United States.

In discussing his approach to the history of capitalism, Baptist explained that history often exists in the form of a Venn diagram, in which the end result comes about from many intersecting factors.

“A lot of the public discussion has focused primarily on three circles that often overlap,” Baptist said. “You have cultural histories of capitalism, histories of finance and then you have histories of slavery.”
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amie, discover more. Together.
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