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Stop Trying to Sell the Humanities - The Chronicle of Higher Education
a short step, indeed no step at all, from this self-congratulatory fantasy — I read better books so I’m a better person — to what Small calls the "democracy needs us" justification.
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2 days ago by agfa8x
Big Ten Library E-Resource Accessibility
Collaborative initiative of the Big Ten Academic Alliance Libraries to evaluate e-resource platforms.
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7 days ago by magster
Jisc's Aspire Project for academic libraries, educators and publishers in the UK (Alistair McNaught). Excellent templates for evaluating both platforms and content.
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7 days ago by magster
Replication in Psychology Experiments: Everything We Know is a Lie - Neatorama
The Stanford Prison Experiment isn't the only psychological experiment that doesn't hold up over time. We recently posted about how the Robber's Cave Experiment was retooled to attain the desired results. The same investigator found irregularities in Stanley Milgram's experiments in the willingness of subjects to obey authority even when that means harming others. Even the famous Marshmallow Experiment has been discredited by replication studies. Vox has an overview of famous but discredited psychology experiments, and the difficulty of correcting textbooks and the popular image of these studies.
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7 days ago by twwoodward
April is a busy month, so things tend to get lost in the innumerable number of tabs I have open on my browser, meaning to get to later. Launched in April, Digital Mappa is a “Digital Humanities workspaces, editions, scholarship, collaboration & publications for the rest of us.”
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9 days ago by WFreeland

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