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Ariel Rubinstein The International University of Cafes
In the University of Cafés, no one pretends that research is of value. From the outset, our atmosphere is one of lack of purpose. This is the most suitable approach to research. The system of promotions at our university is based solely on how broadly
the waitresses smile. Every young person with a coffee mug gets tenure. We maintain a true interdisciplinary tradition: Only here can there be a genuine encounter between a mathematician, an economist and a professor of gender.

You know, as evening approaches, I sometimes pass by a café in Tel Aviv or NY and observe the regulars, with or without a laptop, alone or in a group, and I am envious. But then I realize that I am one of those regulars and I envy myself. This is a wonderful feeling. We certainly are enjoying the good life in academia.
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yesterday by bradleyrturner
How to save yourself from overpreparing for your classes (opinion)
Many have unwittingly fallen into what Armando Bengochea terms “the teaching trap.” Bengochea notes that such overprepping is a real problem for faculty members who suffer from impostor syndrome or use course preparation as a procrastination strategy because it sounds legitimate. They often engage in extensive lecture preparation, working to fill all available class time as a protection mechanism. The result is they have to do a time-consuming deep dive into content each week to develop lengthy lecture slides or handouts. Perhaps not surprisingly, a disproportionate number of faculty of color, non-native speakers, women and other marginalized populations prepare too much for the classes they teach....

Pattern teaching is a solution I regularly offer to faculty members who seek parameters on preparing for courses efficiently and effectively. The premise is simple and not revolutionary: develop a regular pattern or structure to the class. Often instructors create such a pattern (the first 15 minutes are used to review homework, group work is always done on Wednesdays and so on) for their students’ benefit. But pattern teaching can also influence how content is delivered, making it a useful strategy for streamline course preparation.

I advised my colleague to consider developing interchangeable segments for delivering content in each 50-minute class session. Some options might include:

Image/headline on the screen as students walk in to start discussion or theme for day (five minutes)
Review of what was learned in previous class (five minutes)
Questions that set up the day’s material (five minutes)
Mini-lecture (10-minute PowerPoint hitting the key points for the day)
Partner or group work activity (10 to 20 minutes)
Brief YouTube video illustrating a concept (five to eight minutes)
Freewriting session in journals about a question of the day (five to eight minutes)
Class business -- introduction to a new assignment, review for a test, answering questions (10 to 15 minutes)
Homework review (five to 10 minutes)
Student presentation or guest speaker (five to 20 minutes)

The idea then is to use such segments like Legos and “build” a class. For example, Mondays might always start with freewriting for five minutes, then a mini-lecture for 10 minutes, followed by a partner activity for 20 minutes. Next up is a video illustrating a concept for the week (eight minutes), followed by introduction to the assignment for the week (eight minutes).

Looking at this example of a 50-minute class, the instructor has to develop a freewriting question (which could be one of the overarching questions for the course or be pulled from a textbook), make a few slides for a short mini-lecture, develop a partner activity (which could be prebuilt, like think-pair-share) and find a video (with the caveat that any video must be found within 20 minutes to avoid a YouTube rabbit hole). Once those tasks are done, the instructor can move on to something else. Course prep is complete and can be repeated weekly if each class has a pattern.
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2 days ago by shannon_mattern
Interesting Esoterica
This site hosts my list of interesting and unusual papers that I have collected over the years.

Many of the references are kept here so I can easily find them again when I want to tell someone about the really interesting idea they contain; others are here only because they caught my eye when I first came across them.

I hope you enjoy them!
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3 days ago by motdiem
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3 days ago by meldaresearch
The Aura of Materiality: Digital Surrogacy and the Preservation of Photographic Archives | Art Documentation: Journal of the Art Libraries Society of North America: Vol 36, No 1
Through a discussion of the materiality of photographic documents and the inherent qualities of digital objects, this article examines the viability of digitization as a method of archival photographic preservation. By exploring notions of surrogacy, originality, and aura, the author presents and deconstructs the popular argument that digital versions of material photographs preserve a representation of the object’s content rather than a reproduction of its material form. The process of digitization therefore brings forth a wholly new object into existence. The author’s argument against this common perception is that, rather than eliminating the material evidence of the object’s existence, the digitization of these materials and the subsequent dissemination of photographic surrogates enhances those material qualities that are not inherently represented in the digital object.
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5 days ago by geephroh
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7 days ago by onefewercar
This year we also organized several professional development sessions! A featured session on the job mark…
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10 days ago by DocDre
American Economic Association
How to Write an Effective Referee Report and Improve the Scientific Review Process by Jonathan B. Berk, Campbell R. Harvey and David Hirshleifer. Published in volume 31, issue 1, pages 231-44 of Journal of Economic Perspectives, Winter 2017, Abstract: The review process for academic journals in econ...
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10 days ago by guilleten
The ZMap Project
The ZMap Project is a collection of open source tools that enable researchers to perform large-scale studies of the hosts and services that compose the public Internet.
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10 days ago by sdp

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