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Bryan Caplan
author of “The Case Against Education.”
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3 days ago by johnmarkos
Association between active commuting and incident cardiovascular disease, cancer, and mortality: prospective cohort study | The BMJ
Cycle commuting was associated with a lower risk of CVD, cancer, and all cause mortality. Walking commuting was associated with a lower risk of CVD independent of major measured confounding factors. Initiatives to encourage and support active commuting could reduce risk of death and the burden of important chronic conditions.
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7 days ago by marcogomes
Tips for successfully communicating as an , including:
"Stripping your writing of jargon and repressing th…
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8 days ago by wlanderson
Financial time series forecasting with machine learning techniques: A survey
Bjoern Krollner
Bond University,
Bruce Vanstone
Bond University,
Gavin Finnie
Bond University,
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8 days ago by gcsfred
Alexiei Dingli and Karl Sant Fournier Department of Artificial Intelligence, University of Malta, Malta
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8 days ago by gcsfred
Why I Collapsed on the Job - The Chronicle of Higher Education
We are so free to work whenever we want that many of us end up working all the time
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8 days ago by jonmalesic

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