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TIL There's a Wikipedia editor called BritishFinance who is dedicated to writing negative articles about Ireland
ffs. Wikipedia abuse problems strike again:

This comment over on /r/dataisbeautiful and this one both by /u/shy-talk is where I first heard of him.


He seems to have started last year and of course peppers in plenty of non-controversial contributions too but he's definitely determined to paint Ireland as negatively as possible with regards to our financial and tax regulations.

Some articles he's created:

There's actually so many articles where he goes out of his way to make Ireland look bad there's no point trying to list them
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yesterday by jm
The black feminists behind #YourSlipIsShowing, a campaign against Twitter trolls masquerading as women of color with the fake hashtag #EndFathersDay.
It’s now conventional wisdom that today’s hateful right-wing trolling has its roots in Gamergate. Gamergate, argued a 2015 BuzzFeed piece, “first revealed … that under the modern internet’s surface layer of samey platforms and feel-good cultural consensus, burbled, in chans and subreddits and forums and anonymous networks and IRC, a reservoir of opposition to its values.” Gamergate, declared a 2018 Salon essay, was the beginning of “a very dark turn in American conservatism.” Gamergate, observed Politico Magazine in 2017, was the moment that “hardened anti-political correctness sentiment on 4Chan.” But as the media has pieced together the story of the alt-right’s rise, #EndFathersDay has been a key omission. This feels particularly notable in light of the fact that Quinn, arguably the main target of Gamergate, not only quotes Hudson in her book, Crash Override, but also specifically cites #EndFathersDay as a precursor to “similar disinformation tactics used during GamerGate, and later during the 2016 presidential election.”
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2 days ago by owenblacker
CIO’s Guide To Stopping Privileged Access Abuse – Part I
"The following are five strategies CIOs need to concentrate on to stop privileged credential abuse. Starting with an inventory of privileged accounts and progressing through finding the gaps in IT infrastructure that create opportunities for privileged credential abuse, CIOs and their teams need to take preemptive action now to avert potential breaches in the future."
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2 days ago by jonerp
Privacy, data science and personalised medicine. Time for a balanced discussion
There are several fundamental truths that those of us working at the intersection of data science, ethics and medical research have recognised for some time. Firstly that 'anonymised’ and ‘pseudonymised' data can potentially be re-identified through the convergence of related variables, coupled with clever inference methods (although this is by no means easy). Secondly that genetic data is not just about individuals but also about families and generations, past and future. Thirdly, as we enter an increasingly digitized society where transactional, personal and behavioural data from public bodies, businesses, social media, mobile devices and IoT are potentially linkable, the capacity of data to tell meaningful stories about us is becoming constrained only by the questions we ask and the tools we are able to deploy to get the answers.
healthcare  digital-health  privacy  abuse 
4 days ago by PieroRivizzigno
Nxivm: 'Why I joined a cult - and how I left' - BBC News
It took a while but now I realise it's like any toxic relationship. If you go on a first date and somebody hits you, you don't go on a second date. But they start with the romance, they seduce you, lure you in and that's what they did.

Then what happens is they start giving you so many tasks that so much of your time is consumed in the group that you start distancing yourself from friends, family and activities you loved. Without realising it, my support structure started to disappear and the groupthink started to set in.

Then, after the two-year mark, they started introducing self-doubt.

The more money we made, the more money we paid. They'd justify it by saying everything is energy, including money. The more money you spend and give to the teachers the more empowerment you'd get.

It was all abusive, my whole life was theirs. Then the guru seduced me as a consort, where a spiritual teacher takes his student as a lover. He slowly but surely started criticising me. Nothing I did was good enough.

With cults, like any abusive relationship, the red flags are there all along and denial is such a powerful thing. The teachers would say: "Your ego is so big you don't want to change" and I would explain I did want to change and become enlightened, not even really understanding what enlightened meant.

Eventually everything came crashing down. I was at rock bottom and then had a near-death experience snowboarding and after that I started to hear clearly but didn't want to admit it to myself.

Almost seven years after I joined, I allowed myself to realise.
bbc  cults  abuse  propaganda 
5 days ago by cmananian
US ruling to expand indefinite detention for some asylum seekers - BBC News
"Asylum seekers who have proven a credible fear of for their safety will no longer be able to ask a judge for bond, the justice department says.

US Attorney General William Barr's decision means more migrants can be indefinitely detained while they wait for their cases to be heard."
immigration  america  GOP  prison  refugees  abuse  assholes 
8 days ago by conner
TELL: Therapy Exploitation Link Line
About Us
Contact Us
Welcome to TELL, the Therapy Exploitation Link Line….
Chances are you have sought out this website because

you or someone you know has been emotionally or sexually exploited in psychotherapy or other healthcare setting;

you are a psychotherapist seeking to understand the needs of a patient or client who has come to you after having been exploited by a healthcare professional;
you have a colleague who has crossed ...
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9 days ago by dicewitch

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