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Tips for making your iOS app accessible – WatirMelon
(Among other bits, this page covers form tabbing, UIWebViews, and UIPageControl.)
“When you have multiple horizontal pages in a UIPageControl, the page indicators are the dots that appear at the bottom of the control that indicate which page you are on as you swipe left/right through the pages. VoiceOver uses the swipe left/right gestures for navigation so a VoiceOver user won’t be able to switch between your pages unless they use the page indicators.

“Page indicators aren’t automatically accessible, you must do two things. First set the accessibility trait to UIAccessibilityTraitAdjustable and then implement a accessibilityIncrement and accessibilityDecrement which changes the pages. This means a VoiceOver user can focus on the element and use slider up/down from the top of the screen to navigate pages.”
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Accessibility Cheatsheet — Practical approaches to Universal Design
This accessibility cheatsheet is incredibly useful. Print it out and keep it next to your monitor!
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RT : I will give a free cake every working day for a month to the person who gets this gig.

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As a document expert, I've managed to develop some kind of PTSD that makes me cringe everytime I need to rely…
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Deborah Edwards-Onoro on Twitter: "Another reason why you shouldn't rely completely on autocaptions for your videos: in first 10 seconds of WooCommerce video, "what is room commerce?" #a11y #accessibility"
via @redcrew: “Another reason why you shouldn’t rely completely on autocaptions for your videos: in first 10 seconds of WooCommerce video, ‘what is room commerce?’”
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3 days ago by handcoding
Speakers - Accessibility Scotland
Hampus Sethfors

Hampus smiles at the camera whilst holding two fingers up in a peace gesture.
Hampus Sethfors @hampelsuken is originally a UX (User Experience) designer but has specialised in accessibility the last 5 years of his career.

He is the founder of Axess Lab in Stockholm, Sweden and believes that travelling to Scotland in November is the ultimate display of his passion for accessibility!

Have you tried to dab some coconut oil on your spine?
People with disabilities often get tips on how to “cure” their disability. Let’s focus on curing the inaccessible environment instead. In this talk, you’ll get some top-notch tips on designing accessible interfaces and learn why many design trends exclude people with disabilities.
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3 days ago by ndf
Accessibility Scotland 2018 - Accessibility Scotland


One day of talks. Friendly, open discussion about accessibility. An opportunity to network and learn. #a11yScotland came back for the third time on the 9th of November in the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC).


Hampus Sethfors
Have you tried to dab some coconut oil on your spine?

Vasilis Van Gemert
Exclusive Design Principles.
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3 days ago by ndf
To whom does the burden fall? – The Interconnected – Medium
> I know this is going to come as a shock to some folks, but it turns out that when you cross the line from “not disabled” to “disabled”, a mysterious fellow in a cowl doesn’t appear on your doorstep to hand you a manual and a bunch of code words.

Holy crap, this article is 🔥. So many truth bombs about accessibility and where the burden of duty lies. (Hint, it's NOT WITH THE FUCKING DISABLED PERSON).
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3 days ago by sonniesedge

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