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Pricing & Plans - Ghost Inspector
Ghost Inspector offers a number of paid plans, in addition to our free tier. Custom packages are available. Please contact us for details.
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12 hours ago by brianyang
Pricing & Plans - Ghost Inspector
Ghost Inspector offers a number of paid plans, in addition to our free tier. Custom packages are available. Please contact us for details.
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13 hours ago by kensnyder
How to unit test machine learning code. – Chase Roberts – Medium
Over the past year, I’ve spent most of my working time doing deep learning research and internships. And a lot of that year was making very big mistakes that helped me learn not just about ML, but about how to engineer these systems correctly and soundly.
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19 hours ago by ronert
Merge features for apps with confidence – car2godevs – Medium
You are a mobile developer. You just finished that user story. You are ready to merge. Just a final check with your designers, product owner, your QA guys. They won’t find anything. Confidence level…
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22 hours ago by cdehlinger
Prints a non-exhaustive list of HTML/JS/CSS features a page is using which are not supported by the Google Search bot and "Render as Google"
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22 hours ago by mathieup
How to run a successful beta in 7 steps - Inside Intercom
Understand the problem that you’re trying to solve
This will pinpoint why you’re running a beta and help to define what you want to learn as early as possible. This should be done before you even create a build plan.
Paint a picture of what success looks like
Decide how you will measure it so you can assess whether or not you are solving the problem adequately.
Consider who should get access
Start small with early adopters who already experience the problem you’re trying to solve. Broaden the audience over time to include users who haven’t asked for the feature.
Decide how you’re going to pitch
Work on how you’ll pitch and describe the solution in a way that makes the most sense for your users.
Get feedback direct from your customers
Jump on customer calls and send targeted messages based on usage of the beta to gather feedback. Create one source of truth that keeps this up to date and organized.
Evaluate the findings
You should evaluate all of your learnings and feedback against the problem you set out to solve. Decide whether or not you are holding something of value back from non-beta customers or if it falls short of the bar you set out to exceed.
Decide when to ship
Set a timeline to make a final call on whether and when you will ship the feature you’re testing – this is a crucial forcing function to avoid becoming paralyzed by the mountain of feedback.
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22 hours ago by junya

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