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Rupert Murdoch must increase Sky News budget to £100m | Media | The Guardian
Culture secretary says approval of full Sky takeover will also require a 15-year commitment to news
11 hours ago by tonys
World Cup 2018: BBC to show tournament in Ultra HD & virtual reality - BBC Sport
Fans will be able to watch this summer's Fifa World Cup in Russia in Ultra HD and virtual reality as BBC Sport trials cutting-edge technology.
Users will be transported to a fully immersive stadium experience, through headsets, as if they are sitting in their own hospitality box.
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12 hours ago by dancall
Guinness's 'Surfer' ad didn't do that well in research 'but we ignored it'
“The agency had a really good idea and then we all just protected that idea until the public had a chance to see it,” says Fennell. “So often ideas get diluted down because people are worried about what the public will think. It didn’t do that well in research, actually. But we ignored the research. That’s not me being an advocate for ignoring research, but sometimes you have such a profound belief in what you can produce.”
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17 hours ago by terry
Apple has hired Oprah Winfrey to create original content for Apple TV - Recode
Latest example: Apple says it has a “unique, multi-year content partnership” with Oprah Winfrey, who will “create original programs that embrace her incomparable ability to connect with audiences around the world.”
Apple didn’t offer any other details about what Winfrey would make and whether she would star in the stuff she makes for them, though it’s a very reasonable bet that she will. She’ll continue to work on other projects, like her Oprah Winfrey Network and CBS’s “60 Minutes.”
Also not spelled out in Apple’s brief message to the press: Whether the “content partnership” would extend beyond video projects.
apple  tv  celebrity  future 
19 hours ago by dancall
All Movies and TV Shows
Search for movies and TV shows and see which streaming services they are available on.
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yesterday by n8kowald

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