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Book Review - All Things Shining - By Hubert Dreyfus and Sean Dorrance Kelly - The New York Times
Achilles’ speech in Hades — the first poetry that Plato wanted to expunge from his ideal republic — is one key that suggests Homer’s heroes, like the rest of us, had a great deal of trouble with suffering and evil, those things that make the meaning of life problematic.

They also had trouble with alienation: how else should we understand Odysseus? The charismatic man who can find his way anywhere but is nowhere at home is a prototype of modern ambivalence — down to the love for his wife that coexists with the enjoyment of other erotic attachments too deep to be called flings.

Don Draper is Odysseus.
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“When people ask “what are the best TV settings?” and people like me frequently answer “just turn everything OFF”, this is what we’re talking about.”
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‘Black Monday’ Plays the Wall Street Crash for Laughs - WSJ
Showtime goes back to the ’80s for its new TV series, skewering the Gordon Gekko types it portrays. via Pocket
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Forget the days when a lone TV critic could honestly claim to have watched everything in the past year. via Pocket
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