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The Sweep of Sexual Harassment Case
11% of the victims were still employed by the employer at the
time the lawsuit began
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Why Didn't She Just Report Him? The Psychological and Legal Implications of Women's Responses to Sexual Harassment
(summarizing studies showing that victims who report harassment often suffer adverse consequences)
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Faber, Weinstein Put Boards on Notice: You’re the Adults Now - Bloomberg
Overall, the number of CEOs who have been fired in the U.S. and Canada for ethical lapses more than doubled during the past five years, according to a study by consulting firm PwC -- a signal that either CEO behavior is getting worse or boards are getting less tolerant.

The firing of a CEO for improper conduct hurts a company’s reputation for five years after the incident, according to a 2016 Stanford University analysis that studied 38 examples of bosses behaving badly from 2000 to 2015. A separate Stanford study found that more than half the general public supports the firing of misbehaving bosses.
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Do We Believe Women Yet? The Battle to End Sexual Harassment - The New York Times
a writer named Lin Farley was teaching a course on “Women and Work” at Cornell. “I kept thinking we’ve got to come up with a name,” she recalled, “and the best I could come up with was sexual harassment of women on the job.”

One remedy suggested by some advocates is to stretch the bounds of so-called “sunshine in litigation” laws that several states have enacted. Applied to tort cases in general, they essentially nullify the confidentiality clauses of legal settlements if the result is to hide conditions that qualify as “public hazards.” Some advocates argue that a workplace pattern of sexual harassment deserves to be called such a hazard, but this approach has yet to be tested in the courts.
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Anita Hill's Legacy - TIME
Labor lawyers, corporate personnel managers and academics report more interest in the subject; the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) logged a record 9,920 harassment complaints in the past year, a rise of 50% over the previous year.

Some may have been encouraged by changes in the laws that resulted, ironically, from President Bush's surprising reversal on the Civil Rights Act of 1991. Just one week before Hill's appearance in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Bush decried the measure as a "quota bill." Shortly after the hearings, Bush made a quick peace with the legislation. As a result, harassment victims, formerly able to claim only back pay and reinstatement, can now seek federal damages awards, both compensatory and punitive, of up to $300,000.
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#MeToo: Women are sharing their stories of sexual harassment and assault on social media in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal - The Washington Post
Consciousness-raising moments such as #MeToo, or previous hashtags such as #YesAllWomen or #WhatWereYouWearing; or Anita Hill’s 1991 testimony before Congress about the sexual harassment she said Clarence Thomas subjected her to; or the 1971 “Rape Speak Out” organized by the New York Radical Feminists, are opening salvos in the fights against sexual harassment and sexual violence. But they are entirely insufficient to end these problems on their own.
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Weinstein Company Agrees to a Rescue Investment From Colony Capital - The New York Times
As a private company — the brothers each own about 23 percent — the Weinstein Company has never been particularly forthcoming about its revenue or debt load. In recent years, as talk of unpaid bills and an inability to finance marketing campaigns has occasionally surfaced, the Weinsteins insisted their company was, in fact, rolling in money.

But certain financial problems surfaced that Harvey Weinstein was unable to refute. Facing bankruptcy in 2010, for instance, the Weinstein Company sold rights to 200 older films to Goldman Sachs and an insurance company, Assured Guaranty. The exact titles that were sold are not publicly known. Goldman, in turn, sold its portion to AMC Networks in 2015.

“Some will argue that the major asset of the television division was Harvey Weinstein’s ability to be a rainmaker — to line up deals.”
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The Economic and Career Effects of Sexual Harassment on Working WomenGender & Society - Heather McLaughlin, Christopher Uggen, Amy Blackstone, 2017
Numerous studies
link voluntary and involuntary career interruptions to significant earnings
losses (Brand 2015; Couch and Placzek 2010; Theunissen et al. 2011).
Hijzen, Upward, and Wright (2010) estimate income losses in the United
Kingdom ranging from 18 to 35 percent following job displacement associated
with firm closure, and losses of 14–25 percent among those who
suffer mass layoff

56 percent of women began a new job in the two years after reporting on harassment.
79 percent of targets as compared to 54 percent of other working women started a new primary job
harassment targets reported significantly greater financial stress. This effect is comparable to experiencing other negative life events—serious injury or illness, incarceration, assault
Targets of sexual harassment were 6.5 times as likely as nontargets to change jobs in 2004–2005,
While most women’s earnings increased throughout young adulthood, the stalled or declining earnings these and many other harassment targets experienced may be due to leaving a bad situation or reduced human and firm-specific capital
Harassment at
ages 29–30 increases financial stress in the early thirties. Roughly 35
percent of this effect can be attributed to targets’ job change, a common
response to severe sexual harassment.
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Sexual harassment (SH) has been identified as one of the most damaging
and ubiquitous barriers to career success and satisfaction for women

Organizational climate for SH had the largest effect size of any variable
in this analysis (rc = .364), confirming its importance as an antecedent
of SH... There is a strong research foundation in this
literature regarding respondents’ perceptions of organizational tolerance,
policies and procedures, and implementation practices, and it is quite clear
that the organizational climate and workplace environment are central to
understanding the conditions under which harassment is more likely to
occur and how the victims are affected
Relative to organizational climate for SH, job gender context exhibited
a smaller effect size (rc = −.192) but still demonstrates that having
fewer women in one’s immediate work environment, or working in a job
that is considered atypical for women is one situational risk factor for SH.
SH was negatively correlated with all facets of job
satisfaction as well as global job satisfaction.. Overall, and
without exception, SH experiences negatively affected victims’ feelings
about their job, regardless of how this construct was measured.
SH experiences have a negative effect on one’s psychological
attachment to the organization as a whole.
The relationship
between SH experiences and work withdrawal (rc = .299) was
much stronger than for job withdrawal (rc = .161)... SH victims are more likely
to engage in behaviors such as avoidance, missing work, and task neglect
than to actually leave their jobs.
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Contact Us | SAG-AFTRA
Report Sexual Harassment      
(323) 549-6644     
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